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NARS x Guy Bourdin One Night Stand Palette - Swatches & Review

This palette was love at first sight. I first spied this back in a Sephora in New York and died right then and there. Nars! Palette! Blush! I kept casually going back to it, picking it up, drooling, putting it back down. Little did I know my fiance took a picture of it when I wasn't looking and bought it for me later! 

NARS Guy Bourdin One Night Stand Palette
This is a limited edition cheek palette featuring the iconic Laguna bronzer and Orgasm blush and four additional shades inspired by Guy Bourdin. Guy Bourdin's photography is best known for insinuating high-fashion world of dangerous women and sensual decadence and served as the apex of sexually charged fashion photography in the 70's. Bourdin was Francois Nars first inspiration to become a makeup artist and pays homage to the late Bourdin's seductive, suspenseful images with this cheek palette.

Inside we have six gorgeous shades - a highlighter, a bronzer and four blushes.  Also, lovin' the huge mirror!

In this set:
  • Devotee - (0.14 oz.) New shade! Alabaster glow. 
  • Mistinguette - (0.14 oz.) New shade! Barbie pink. 
  • Orgasm - (0.14 oz.) Peachy pink with gold shimmer. 
  • Laguna - (0.14 oz.) Brown bronzer with gold shimmer. 
  • Deep Throat - (0.14 oz.) Sheer peach.
  • Goulue - (0.14 oz.) New shade! A dusty rose pink.

Each blush is perfectly pigmented just the right amount. Devotee is a bit frosty but a fantastic highlighter shade. Mistinguette is way more pigmented than I expected and is a great Barbie pink. Deep Throat is gorgeous and while it's sheer, it's still effective and creates a pretty rosy glow. Laguna is an all-time classic bronzer that isn't as shimmery as it looks in the packaging but creates a warm, subtle bronzed glow. Orgasm is my go-to blush and has a nice sheer peachy tone to it. Lastly, Goulue (how do you even pronounce that?) is perfect for winter with it's dark dusty rose hue.

Overall, I had a feeling this palette was going to knock it out of the ballpark for me and it definitely did! I find NARS blushes to be great quality and found they all go on smoothly without being too powdery or light. They each have the right amount of pigmentation. A+, NARS!


  1. This is a great palette, but I think my favorite thing about this post is that your fiance surprised you with it- that's just so sweet!

  2. Oh how pretty. You have a great fiance, I couldn't imagine my hubs in a Sephora at all much less buying me something. He'd be stuck in sticker shock. Much like I was when I first started shopping for non drug store makeup.

  3. I love this palette. I need a blush palette.

  4. Thank you for sharing!! It looks amazing!!

  5. Very beautiful shades! And so sweet of your fiance!

  6. I bought this during the F&F sale and have yet to use it LOL. Its too pretty! :p

  7. Such a lovely palette! Great value xx


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