Thursday, April 10, 2014
Sometimes I like to straighten my hair. And by sometimes, I mean almost every other day. I have wavy/curly hair that is insanely frizzy if nothing's done to it so sometimes I just admit defeat and straighten it. With constant heat to my hair, I try to protect it as much as I can with a thermal shield spray before straightening or curling.

Basically, a thermal shield spray is something that is sprayed onto your hair sometimes while it's wet, sometimes dry (depends on the spray) that protects your hair against the heat by sealing in your hair follicle with a thin water-proof layer of product. Personally, I also think it helps smooth your hair so straightening/curling is an easier process without pulling or getting caught in your hair. 

Cue: Not Your Mother's Beat The Heat Thermal Styling Spray. I bought this on a total whim after my fiance was taking forever looking for his favorite shampoo. I did what any girl does when they're left to themselves, I start picking products up and smelling them. This heat spray smelled amazing so it came home with me. 

I did notice the first ingredient was alcohol which can dry your hair out. I've read that alcohol is a base for the other ingredients to dissolve in your hair but evaporates once sprayed. I don't know how much truth that holds but I didn't think my hair felt dry from this.

The NYM Beat The Heat Spray is infused with sunflower and vitamins A and E. The scent is kind of heavy at first but goes away after you straighten your hair with it. I can't put my finger on it but it smells like this one Victoria Secret's body spray I used to buy all the time. It smells SO good!

Here I am in all my glory: crazy eyebrows, break out city on my chin, red lipstick and crazy hair. Inner beauty, right? So basically, this is what my hair looks like with nothing done to it. I lightly sprayed NYM Beat The Heat spray and brushed it through dry hair. You can use this before you blowdry as well. I noticed if you don't brush it through, it'll leave your hair sticky and crunchy. You should always brush your heat protectant through your hair anyway.

The chick on TV is like, "Girlllllll."

Straightening went as smooth as possible. My straightener glided through my hair with no pulls. My hair didn't feel sticky or hard after it was straightened but it did feel like I had light hairspray in it. After reading the side of the bottle, I noticed it does say that it provides a light hold for a quick finish while guarding your hair from heat. Definitely different but not really super noticeable unless your fingers are constantly playing with your hair. It didn't really bother me.

All straight!

Whoop whoop! Now, I don't know if it's because I was overeager trying a new product when I straightened my hair, but I somehow managed to straighten my whole head in like, 10 minutes. That's a new record for me! 

Overall: I like the Not Your Mother's Beat The Heat Thermal Styling Spray! For under $5, it's a great steal. It being a protectant as well as a light hold hairspray is definitely not what I expected but it didn't seem to bother me much. If you're someone who likes to play with their hair all the time, this might be weird. It's not sticky nor hard to touch; it just feels textured but does keep your hair straight and smooth for the whole day with no frizz in sight. If you're looking for silky hair, this product isn't going to give you that. I might have to try this when curling my hair because if it's a heat protectant plus hairspray, I think it'll create nice curls.

Not Your Mother's: Find this at your local drugstores | Price: $4.99