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Eddie Funkhouser's 12 Days of Giveaways - Day 11!

Hey gorgeous! 'Tis the season for some fabulous giveaways and today is no exception. I feel SO, so honored to be hosting the 11th day of  Eddie Funkhouser's 12 days of Giveaways! I absolutely adore Eddie Funkhouser and his team so I feel incredibly lucky to be apart of this. Thanks guys <3

The giveaways officially started December 5th but no worries! Each giveaway lasts seven days so you still have time to enter most of them! Here's a list of all the giveaways so you don't miss out :)
I'm giving away the Ultra Definition Bronze & Sculpt Powder along with the Eddie Funkhouser Contour Brush! Ugh. This bronzing powder is to die-for and the brush is so, so soft. LOVE!

It's just the right amount of bronze without being too orange!

Ready for the fine print?
  • This giveaway is open to domestic and International entries.
  • Prizes must be claimed within 48hrs or another winner will be selected
  • Shipping/receipt time of all prizes is dependent on how quickly prize is claimed.
  • International prizes are not guaranteed to arrive before Dec. 25th. (But we will do our best to get it there asap!)


  1. Thanks for the giveaway! I love that color bronzing powder on you. It is just the right shade.

  2. Am I missing the widget?....I'm not sure how to enter... :S

    1. Hi babe! We had a technical difficulty but it should be working now. My apologies! xx

  3. I love Eddie Funkhouse's makeup. I have a couple of lipsticks I adore. Wish it were easier to find them in stores! Great giveaway

  4. I Want to Thank You So Much for this Giveaway b/c I Have Been Wanting to Try Eddie Funkhouser Every Since I First Saw His Incredible Make Up Brushes Online! I Checked Out His Website & I Fell in Love With Everything Else Too! I Have Not Tried Any of it Yet but Sometimes You Can Tell that You Would Really Like a Product from Just Looking at it & I Always Here Great Things About His Make Up Too! This is a Real Treat for Me & I Am Very Happy b/c I Can Not Buy Anything Until I Am Able to Go Back to Work, So for Right Now I am Unfortunately on a Tight Budget! I Was in a Motorcycle Accident and I Hurt My Neck & Back and I'm Just Now Getting Cleared for Financially Speaking to Cover All the Past & Present Medical Visits, Procedures, & Bills! I Used to be an Esthetician & Make Up Artist So You Can Probably See Now Why I am Crazy about This Make Up! I Can't Wait to Get Better so I Can Get Out of this Bed and Go Back to Work, I Really Miss it A Lot! Thanks for this Opportunity to Try Eddie's Bronzer / Highlighter and the Awesome Brush that I Have Been So Desperately Wanting to Try! Thanks Again & I Hope You and Your Family have a Very Happy Holiday! Take Care, Jana

  5. Love the color but also LOVE the brush and all his other brushes. Good luck to all and happy holidays

    kleimanlaw at aol dot com

  6. Merry Christmas! Thanks so much for the great giveaway! I love the color this gives, such a great product!

  7. This product goes with every skin type and the brushes are really nice the last long.

  8. This product goes with every skin type and the brushes are really nice the last long.

  9. Thanks for doing this giveaway for us!! :D I would LOVE to try one of Eddie's products! I've soooo many good things about him and the formulas used for his products. Can't wait to try! :D

  10. Noelle, You Have the Best & Most Appropriate Christmas Name, I Just Thought of That! I Have the Most Boring Name Ever, Jana Lynn Williams! Sounds Like the Name in a Country Music Song, Ugh! Anyways, Thanks So Much for Being Apart of the 12 Days of Eddie; I'm So Glad that this Giveaway Lead Me to Your Awesome Blog & Many Other Awesome Blogs by Some Pretty Cool Chics I Must Say! I Know this Giveaway has Almost Ran it's Course Sadly but I Just Wanted to Thank You and to Let You Know that I Look Forward to Many More of Your Blogs and I Will Definitely Stick Around for the Long Haul, So Don't be Sad LOL! Anyways, Thanks Again & I Hope You & Your Family Have a Very Merry Christmas & a Safe, and Happy New Year! Take Care, Jana


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