Tuesday, June 26, 2018
Thank you so much to Beddy's for sending us  this bedding. Also, shout out to the fiance putting in work to make this insane bed!

So, guys. My oldest son, Hunter, has wanted a big boy bed for a while now, and it's kind of been breaking my heart. He's not my littlest little guy anymore. He wants to cut his own food, drink from a big boy cup and now - he wants a big boy bed.

We were scrolling through Pinterest last month and came across this pretty epic "treehouse" bed. It was actually the Restoration Hardware Cabin Bed and y'all, it's beautiful, I'm not going to lie - but also expensive as hell. I mean, he would have to sleep in that thing until college - at least. I searched high and low for a used one in our budget but instead, found plans to build our own for less than quarter of the price.

While I had my fiance working on that, I went on the look out for new bedding which, to be honest, was the best part because holy cow, building that bed ended up being super labor intensive! Sorry, fiance. Anywho, a few blogger friends recommended Beddy's for their kids so naturally, I went to researching and was totally sucked in.

Beddy's is known for their amazing, high quality one-piece zip up bedding. Yes, you read that right. The geniuses over at Beddy's thought to build the comforter into the sheet with zippers on the side for easy tidying. Is that not the coolest thing ever? They have gorgeous lace bedding to trendy buffalo plaid bedding (totally next on my list!) with sizes from toddler to king so everyone can make their bed with ease.

We have the style On Fire, a bright red exterior with a grey Match Sticks interior and grey minky. It's currently on sale!

Each bedding set comes with a coordinating pillow case plus a decorative sham (two each if you're buying a full, queen or king). Some really cool features to these Beddy's sets is that they have a zipper on both sides. The interior of the set is minky, which is the softest material ever. You can see it in the picture above. Once unzipped, there are "comfort panels" inside which is basically longer material added to the inside which is awesome and totally genius. Sometimes my son likes to be zipped in but when it's warm out, he likes to unzip it. The extra material keeps him covered no matter how much he moves around!

Hunter loves his new bed (and for alllllll the time it took to make it, he better 😏) but he really loves his Beddy's set. I constantly find him, just hanging out, under the covers with his iPad and he always makes sure to tell me how soft his bed is. I'm pretty sure he's trying to make me jealous. I'm pretty sure it's working. I'm totally jealous.

PS. Washing this is crazy easy! If you need to, the entire top part of the comforter zips off, although I've read that washing and drying a twin size Beddy's is easier and dries faster with it on. If you have  a bigger size, it's easier with it off. First time washing? Throw one cup of white vinegar in to help set the color. Tumble dry on low. 

Do you make your bed every morning?

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