Friday, November 16, 2018
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I can't believe the holiday season is already upon us. Wasn't it just August last week? I swear, this year flew by and between you and me, I'm not ready! Ahhhhh. Okay. Deep breaths. The boys are at an age this year where they have their own taste and can kind of tell me what they want (which is everything, of course) which makes my life easier and difficult at the same time. Yikes.

(I was going to Photoshop the purple sticker on the floor out but hey, real life.)

And it always seems like kid's toys sell out the fastest, am I right? There's a Super Monsters toy the boys want so dang bad that's already been sold out for weeks. Like, how? How is that even possible? Who started their shopping that early? Show yourselves!

Enough babblin'. I've put together a little holiday gift guide if you're looking for the perfect gift for the little guy in your life! PS. Most of this is from Target for cart convenience but also because they're currently having toy deals EVERY WEEK for the holidays and who doesn't want to save some money?


I'm sure there are a million different lists of what's hot this year but my kids can't read yet so who's the winner now? ME! Kidding. Here's my list of what I think will be in this year!
  • Ryan's World Toys - My kids (among a million others) love Ryan. It's just one of those things you accept and move on from, right? I'm kidding. I truly don't mind them. Also, can we say mom boss? She made her son a MILLIONAIRE just from recording him reviewing toys. Take that, Kris Jenner! Ryan's World toys are already selling out. In fact, every time I pass their end cap in Target or Walmart, it's been empty. If you can get your hands on his toys (*cough* try online *cough*), he has a few that are pretty cute and aren't ridiculously priced like their Target exclusive Giant Egg Surprise ($39.99). These pull back cars ($9.99 for a pack of two) are super cute!
  • Slime - It kills me to put this on my list. I swear to the Lord above, if you gift this to my children, I will find you. I swear. I. WILL. FIND. YOU! I'm joking. Kind of. Slime is allllll fun and games until your children can't remember where they put it...and then you find it wedged in between the cushions of your brand new couch. True story. Anyway, if your kiddos love slime, this Make Your Own Slime Kit by Craft City ($17.99) is super cool as well as this Breakfast Slime Pack ($4.99)! Looking to get extra messy? Check out this SmartLab Toys It's Alive! Slime Lab ($15.39).
  • Super Monsters Figures/Grr Bus - Anyone else have their kids OBSESSED with this show? We've watch the Halloween special over 50 times - no exaggeration. I just saw that the Super Monster Figures - 7 pack ($49.99) is back in stock online as well as their GrrBus ($29.99)! Ahem. Excuse me for one second while I buy them.


Who doesn't love to dress up and step into an imaginary world?
  • Melissa & Doug Wooden Scoop and Serve Ice Cream Counter ($39.99) - I've mentioned this set before in a few other posts before but if you're looking for super high quality wood toys, Melissa & Doug is where it's at! My parents bought the boys this a few years ago and it's still played with and loved on without any fading or damage. The ice cream is able to be "scooped" with its special scooper and placed onto cones and cups with ease. Just add your favorite toppings for hours and hours of fun!
  • Step 2 Lifestyle Deluxe Kitchen ($209.99) - Another toy that we've had for a long time and love so much that I couldn't help but put this on the list. It's pricey but unfortunately, most kitchen sets are but rest assured, it's awesome quality, sturdy and there's a few cute details (like working lights) that add a little somethin' somethin' to it.
  • Melissa & Doug Deluxe Pet Vet - Care & Grooming Play Set ($54.99) - Melissa & Doug back at it again with the cuteness. In fact, I can't think of one toy from them that you could go wrong with. Their attention to detail and quality is amazing and everything from them lasts for forever.
  • Casdon Toys DC24 Dyson Ball Toy Vacuum ($24.99) - Anyone else's children love cleaning? Except their own messes, that is. Brody is obsessed with vacuuming. I like this one because it swivels and moves like the real one and allows more movement than just the back-and-forth ramming motion, y'know?
  • Baby Alive Super Snacks Snackin' Luke ($16.99) - Anyone have something like this when they were younger? I vividly remember having a baby doll just like this so I was excited when Hunter freaked over one. I think the selling point for him was that it poops and he's alllllll about that right now (everything is poop) but I think they're super cute! PS. Just like in real life, you should probably grab extra diapers - and some snacks while you're at it!


  • Hot Wheels Corkscrew Crash Track - This trackset ($44.99) is bound to be a big seller! Smaller than their deluxe garage (THANK GOD) and not too pricey, with three loops, three crash zones and three boosters, this track will definitely keep the little guys busy! Just a bummer it only comes with one car so make sure to stock up on more!
  • Disney Pixar Cars Florida 500 Racing Garage Playset ($20.99) - Brody is a huge Cars fan so you better believe this one is going in the cart. Cars (the brand) can be a little pricey but this set isn't too badly priced  and the elevator even works! It also comes with a Lightening McQueen!
  • Driven Dump Truck ($31.49) - Don't let the price freak you out just yet. If you're looking for a quality truck, Driven is the way to go! This thing is pretty big! We have multiple ones from Driven and they've lasted for YEARS. We have the dump truck but also love the Recycling Truck and the Fire Truck!
  • Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends TrackMaster Hyper Glow Station ($54.99) - Got a Thomas fan in your life? This track is pretty epic. Glows in the dark? Check! Motorized Thomas? Check! Storage area underneath? Check! We grabbed this for Brody and can't wait to see him freak over it (and then fight over it with Hunter).
  • PlayMobil - Ah, man. I love these. Anyone remember PlayMobil when they were little? They were my jam! I loved how detailed they were and was super aggressive with anyone that wanted to touch my set. Anywho, they've come out with some really cool sets like this Take Along Haunted HouseTractor with TrailerAquarium and even a Bike Shop. Someone just gift me a bunch of PlayMobil for myself because now I want them all. Please and thank you.
  • PAW Patrol Ultimate Fire Truck ($44.49) - Has Paw Patrol taken over your life too? My nephew has been asking for this so I'm totally grabbing this at this price (it expires Saturday!) because it's a total steal. It comes with "water cannons" that can shoot out with the press of a button.


No seriously. I've never seen my kids come running faster than when I just finished putting together their Lego set the way it's shown on the box...just to demolish. Kids these days. Here's a few hands on toys.
  • Magna Tiles ($54.99) - I know the price tag is a little crazy but I guarantee you that they're worth it! These tiles have little magnets that allow them to be put together just by placing them together. The boys got these for Christmas last year and still, to this day, play with them!
  • LEGO Juniors Jurassic World Raptor Rescue Truck ($21.99) - My guys are just getting into LEGO's but I'm not ready to fully commit to those 527 piece sets yet. The Junior sets are perfect for little guys (3-5 years old) with most having less than 100 pieces! My boys love dinosaurs so this set is totally for them but the Juniors line offers everything from Cars to Batman! If you're looking for LEGO's for the little little guys (3 and under), check out DUPLO's like this one! Their pieces are bigger and easier to put together.
  • Learning Resources Gears Lights and Action Building Set ($45.49) - Holy gears. My oldest loves sets like these where you can put the gears together and try to figure out how to make them all turn. This set includes lights and even a remote to turn them on and off.
  • Mix or Match: Build-A-Truck ($24.99) - This is such a cute idea! With magnets, you can switch, mix and match trucks and create your own kind of dream truck!


  • Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends Minis Glow In The Dark ($9.99) - Both of my sons love Thomas but my youngest is OBSESSED! These mini's are super cool and glow in the dark which, for whatever reason, always makes something even cooler!
  • Pin Art ($8) - Okay. Does anyone remember these? You'd press your hand into the plastic pins and it would show the silhouette on the other side. I used to play with them for forever! Every time we walk into Target, Hunter goes for this thing. I think he'll be pretty excited to see it in his stocking!
  • Hot Wheels ($4.99) - Anyone else have a huge bin of Hot Wheels and Matchbox yet your children still ask for more? That's my life. There's Hot Wheels in my pockets, in my car, under my couch - they've completely taken over - yet guess who bought more? This mom.
  • Hatchimals CollEGGtibles ($3.99) - I'm sure my parents thought the same when I freaked over Polly Pockets and whatnot, but what the heck is this thing? My youngest loves them! It's just a little made-up animal in an egg that they have to rub to crack open - okay, I get it. That's pretty dang cute.
  • Camelbak Eddy Kids Water Bottle ($12.99) - When I tell you that we've been using these water bottles for years, I seriously mean years. I know $12.99 for a kid's water bottle can be a little pricey but these are awesome! They're pretty much leak-proof and all the pieces come off so you can easily pop them into the dishwasher without having to worry about mold lurking somewhere.
  • Munchkin Bath Falls ($7.99) - Where were these little guys when my youngest was terrified of the bath tub!? Pop them onto the wall and pour water in them! 
  • Melissa & Doug Water Wow! - 3 Pack ($14.99) - These are awesome - especially on road trips! They're little coloring books - but the special water-filled paint brush is the only way to color them in. The brush does not drip and the pages dry and can be used over and over again!