Monday, May 6, 2019

Hellllllo out there! Today, we've been graced with 70 degree weather here in good ol' Connecticut which can only mean one thing: tomorrow it'll be snowing. Kidding, kidding.  If you're from around here, you know exactly what I'm talking about.
Speaking of warm weather, why is it still hard to find cute boys clothes? Like, how is this still a thing?! Recently, my amazing mom bought my guys a bunch of super cute clothes for summer and I wanted to share them with y'all. Mom, if you're reading this, you are amazing and thank you so, so much (I also told her this in person, guys, don't worry). 

There's also a few things from Cat & Jack at Target and Carter's as well. Everything is affordable and pretty much on sale. If it isn't, it will be again, I promise!
Let's get this party started! I found ALL of the links minus the bright blue Cat & Jack tee below. BUT I know they're available in store for $6 and there's a bunch of different colors. They're a little longer in the back, have cuffed sleeves and we LOVE them. I'll keep checking Target out to see when they add it.

Old Navy currently has 40% off your entire order with the code: STYLE!


Holy shirts. I tried to find everything I could online. Let me know if you can't find anything. My mom hit the jackpot with these shirts. I'm pretty sure nothing was over $6!



  • Color Blocked 1/2 Hooded Windbreaker ($14.97) - A jacket in the summer? What the heck, Noelle? No, but seriously. BUY THIS and thank me later. These windbreakers are SO lightweight but also have a light, warm material on the inside. Plus, they have hoods! They're perfect for those cooler summer nights. I have these in my car at all times!



  • Shark Pool Slides ($14.99) - I love these for a few reasons: 1. My son loves slip-in sandals. It makes him feel super independent. 2. To put these sandals on the correct feet, all you have to do is match up the shark! I don't think they did that on purpose but it's a win for me.
  • Faux Suede Oxford Shoes ($20) - We originally got these for Easter but than it rained all morning and was super muddy so yeah, no, these didn't get worn BUT I like having lightweight dress shoes just in case. These would be really cute if your little guys is in a summer wedding.
  • Native Shoes Jefferson Vegan Perforated Sneaker ($46.95) - Don't freak. I did not buy these for retail although if you do, they're so worth it. I've had the Old Navy dupes (here - comes in a few different colors, also avail for girls) in the past and loved them as well but I ended up finding these Natives on Facebook Marketplace for $10 first. I HIGHLY recommend checking out your local kids re-sale groups because now is the time that parents are going through their kiddos old stuff and getting rid of it.
  • Adidas VL Court 2.0 Sneakers ($40) - Again, didn't spend this amount. I found these at Marshall's for $25! Hunter has been asking to have matching shoes with me (I have the Superstars) so I found these and bought them. Love that they have velcro!