Friday, June 21, 2019
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Can someone kindly direct me to the chapter in the "Having a Four Year Old Handbook" where your child starts throwing the most insane tantrums and how to handle them? Wait, I'm sorry. What? There's no handbook? You mean, I have to figure this out by myself? 😨

But seriously. Parenting is tough. And being four is tough too. I know that they're learning at such a fast pace that at times, they're brains can't handle it. Heck, my brain can't handle life sometimes. So cue our four year old's tantrum about how *insert random thing* didn't happen the way they wanted at *insert the most random time*. Right?!

We've tried a few ways to help our little guy when he throws down including:
- yelling back at him (*facepalm*)
- time outs
- redirecting
- bribing him to please not do this in the middle of Target right now

Yeah. I might not be too proud of some of those but hey, I'm here to say none of those really worked for us. It's been a learning experience for all of us. Every single child is different, but I think we finally found something that works for us.

Zafooz! I know. It looks like a stuffed animal but hear me out. They're these sweet, peaceful plush animal cushions that were created to introduce a safe place where your child knows it's okay to breathe and decompress. They're a combination of a zafu, a standard meditation cushion and a stuffed animal. There's six different Zafooz to choose from; each with their own name and mantra. Did you know? Studies show that children who practice mindfulness are happier children! In fact, mindfulness/meditation has been proven to help reduce hyperactive behavior and improve concentration as well.

Hunter loves his! If he's having a hard time with something or is feeling overwhelmed, he races into his room and grabs his Lotus Ladybug and just kind of snuggles it until he calms down. In fact, I'm pretty sure he thinks it's magic which might not be the way it's intended but I'll take it. Sure, some times he'll take some deep breaths but other times he just holds it tight until he feels better. As a mom, I'll take either as a win! Zafooz has a bunch of amazing information on practicing mindfulness here, if you're interested about learning more! We're still in the learning stages as far as being consistent with breathing and taking a moment to reflect when he's feeling overwhelmed but I know that he's only four and that it'll take time.

Hunter has the Lotus Ladybug who's mantra is, "I am loved." This Zafooz is ideal for the highly spirited, highly sensitive child. This child is explained as one who may take on the energy of others along with his own. This is Hunter to a t. This Zafooz reminds them that they should always be themselves.

Brody has one too! He has Mindful Monkey who's mantra is, "I breathe in and smile." This Zafooz is ideal for a child who's independent, aware and/or curious. Totally Brody. He doesn't have a problem taking the time out for himself but enjoys having a cushion like his brother!

How do you help your child when he's overwhelmed?

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