Wednesday, November 27, 2019
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The boys got their own little mini tree this year. I never thought to have one for them since we have our main one in the livingroom but I went tree crazy last year and there's definitely a few to spare. They had such a blast decorating it and it's hands down, my favorite tree out of the whole house. They did everything and every time I look at it, it brings a huge smile to my face. Also, all the decorations are from Target and were $3 and less.

I was so inspired by their tree that I scoped out Target and put together a big huge round up of alllllllll things holiday-decor related. Looking for stockings? Boom, it's got it's own little category. Trees? I gotchu. Pillows, random decor - I got it all!

PS. Target is currently having a 30/40% off sale on a lot of their Opalhouse, Threshold and other holiday decor items! Ends 12/3.


O Christmas tree, o, Christmas tree, how faithful are thy branches! I guess that would depend where you bought it. I know artificial trees are a little bit of the pricier side so I tried to mix affordable (but still great quality) with splurge trees. As much as I love online shopping, I do recommend checking out your tree in person. If you can't, here's a few great options!

1. 9ft Pre-lit Artificial Christmas Tree Full Flocked Balsam Fir w/ Clear Lights ($500) - I know a nine foot tree probably isn't the norm for a lot of people but for anyone that is looking for one, y'all know how dang expensive they are! This is such a steal and according to the reviews very realistic and gorgeous in person.
2. 7.5ft Pre-lit Artificial Christmas Tree Pencil Virginia Pine w/ Clear Lights ($130) - These tall, thin trees are my mom's favorite! They're perfect to tuck into a smaller area but still pack a big punch!
3. 4.5ft Pre-lit Artificial Christmas Tree Slim Virginia Pine w/ Clear Lights ($90) - What's that saying? The best things come in small packages? This is great if you're looking to pop a tree in a small space.
4. 6.5ft Pre-lit Artificial Christmas Tree Flocked Douglas Fir w/ Clear Lights ($250) - Absolutely gorgeous and full-looking!
5. 7ft Unlit Full Artificial Balsam Fir Christmas Tree ($180) - Looking to bring some Charlie Brown Christmas tree vibes to your house? I kid. I've actually seen this tree in a few pins on Pinterest and it looks amazing!


1. 48" Buffalo Plaid Christmas Tree Skirt Black and Ivory ($30) - I feel like around the holidays, buffalo check is the new white. Like, it's a neutral and goes with just about anything.
2. 48" Woven Striped Christmas Tree Skirt Red ($30) - The pictures don't do this skirt any justice. It's so beautiful in person.
3. 48" Striped Linen Christmas Tree Skirt with Pompom Trim ($35) - Oh, this skirt is so sweet and classic. I love the font of the "Merry Christmas" and the pom poms really bring it all together.
4. 48" Puckered Pompom Christmas Tree Skirt Cream ($40) - Not my style but it's so cute, nonetheless. I get a fun 70's vibe from this and think it would look awesome with some vintage ornaments.
5. 48" Pompom Christmas Tree Skirt Ivory ($40) - We have something very similar to this for our tree this year but I wish ours had these pom poms! Such a gorgeous neutral skirt.
6. 18" Knit Pompom Christmas Tree Skirt Cream ($10) - If you have a mini tree, this one is for you! You can use it as a traditional skirt or use it "blanket style" and wrap it around a mini tree!
7. Round Tree Skirt Sour Cream Embroidered with Tassels ($39.99) - Joanna can do know wrong, in my eyes. Her skirts are absolute perfection.
8. Sour Cream and Black Embroidered Tree Skirt ($39.99) - Beautiful and looks so well-made. Can't go wrong with anything from Hearth & Hand!


1. Pop Culture Top To Bottom Kit ($250) - This is, by far, one of the coolest things I've seen Target come out with this year. They have a few themes I'll link. This one in particular is an entire set of pop culture-themed ornaments - think: donuts, ice cream cones, ugly sweaters, flamingos - all in one box! This set as a total comes with a tree skirt, lights, 90 ornaments and a tree topper!
2. Silver Sidewalks Top to Bottom Kit ($250) - I can't tell of my decor style is changing but I'm so in love with this set as well. I'll try to wait until after Christmas to get it but I can't get enough of the bright colors and sweet little ballerinas - ugh, so cute! Again, this is Top To Bottom kit that comes with 90 ornaments, lights, a tree skirt and a tree topper.
3. Wool Sea Creature Christmas Ornament Set ($12) - I never envisioned having an ocean-themed Christmas tree but now it's all I can think about.
4. Metal Rounds Christmas Ornament Set ($12) - These are so beautiful and perfect for a modern farmhouse themed tree.
5. Gnomes Winter Blush Christmas Ornament Set ($12) - I don't know why but I can't get enough of these dang gnomes.
6. Letters to Santa Ornament ($4) - I have a love affair with this because last year, I went searching high and low for a large green one. To my defense, it was on sale from like, $50 to $9. So I have to get this ornament to commemorate my ridiculous search.
7. Wooden Ornaments Set of 3 ($4) - Sugar Paper has some of the most perfect ornaments, accessories and wrapping paper I've ever seen. I can totally see these adorning a gift!
8. Ox Skull Christmas Ornament ($5) - I know, it's not everyone's taste but I love this thing.
9. Wire Wrapped Christmas Ornament Set ($12) - Glam, farmhouse - whatever the theme is, these guys make it better!
10. Santa's Key Ornament ($5) - My mom bought this for my boys as a magic key from Santa. It's a heavy, metal key and I can never seem to find any more in stores. Grab 'em while you can!

- You can find more of these sets here! Target is also offering 85 piece ornament sets for $100 as well as mini sets for $35.


1. Small White Ceramic House Decorative Figure ($3) - Also comes in medium and large sizes.
2. Opalhouse 8pk Bottle Brush Christmas Tree Set - ($11.89 - SALE) Give me all the trees. Seriously. That's the name of the game this year.
3. Tall Galvanized Reindeer Decorative Feed Can ($25) - I've seen these so many times in store and just need to grab one already. They have it decorated with some Birch branches in it and I love it.
4. 3pc Black Taper Candle Holder Set ($17.49 - SALE) - I'm pretty sure this set has been around since Halloween. YOU WILL BE MINE.
5. Galvanized Christmas Mailbox ($20) - I don't need another mailbox. I don't need another mailbox.
6. Farmhouse Pig With Antlers ($10) - This is the weirdest/sweetest thing I've ever seen. He has a cow friend as well. I need them both!
7. Metal Days Until Christmas Countdown ($24.99) - I already have a countdown calendar but I love the industrial look of this one.
8. 72" x 2" Christmas Pom Pom Garland ($19.99) - I'm calling it now. This is my color scheme for next year. Love the whimsical feel behind it!
9. fa la la' Printed Velvet Oversize Lumbar Throw Pillow ($14.99 - SALE) - It's on sale, guys. I think I need this.
10. Solid Cable Knit Chenille with Sherpa Reverse Throw Blanket ($17.99 - SALE) - A holiday decor list isn't never done unless there's a cozy blanket on it!
11. 20" Boxwood Artificial Christmas Wreath with Gold Bells ($21 - SALE)


1. Holiday Stocking Sour Cream Knit w/ Red Pom Poms ($15) - I have a bunch of Hearth & Hand stocking from last year and I'm about to add this one to our collection just because.
2. Jolly Red Christmas Stocking ($13) - Such a classic stocking feel!
3. Chunky Knit Stocking ($13) - I love the look of this one.
4. Cream Pom Pom Knit Stocking ($13) - Okay. I get it. Pom poms are in this season and I need everything to have them on them.
5. Colorful Pom Pom Stocking ($14.99) - I love the whimsical look of this. Definitely a different look from your typical reds and greens.
6. Holiday Stocking Red Stripe with Poms ($15) - Another fave of mine!
7. Cream Tassel Stocking ($14.99) - This is so girly and I love it!