Tuesday, January 28, 2020


It feels SO good to share this with you guys! We found out a few days before Halloween (!!!!) and it's been a secret since. The boys are so dang excited. We found out the gender last week and just shared with the family so we'll be sharing here soon. Until then, I found a fun, little wives tales questionnaire to do. What do you think Baby XO is?


1. Carrying high (girl) or low (boy)? I think lowwwwww low. Boy.
2. Shape of bump - basketball (boy) or weight all over (girl)? Weight all over. Girl.
3. Moody (girl) or mellow (boy)? Ehh. I think a mix of both but probably more moody. Girl.
4. Are you craving sweets (girl) or salty foods (boy)? GIMME ALLLL THE SWEETS and I'm not normally a sweets type of girl. Girl.
5. Morning sickness: Lots (girl) or barely any (boy)?  I was super nauseous the first trimester. Like, worse than I've ever been with the boys, but I never threw up (thank goodness). So kind of, but not really. Boy/Girl.
6. Pregnancy glow: Oily hair/break outs (girl) or perfect skin and hair (boy)? My hair and skin are freaking out right now. Girl.
7. Cold feet: yes (boy) or no (girl)? No cold feet here. Girl.
8. Baby's heart rate: over 140 (girl) or under 140 (boy)? I think it was 170, 156 and most recently 140 even. Girl.
9. More hair on legs (boy) or less (girl)? Okay. This is funny. I swear, it's growing slower! Girl.
10. Chinese calendar says: Girl.