Wednesday, November 18, 2020

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Holy guacamole! I wasn't planning on posting holiday content until next week but I think everyone is going hard this year for the holidays and things are selling out like bananas way earlier than I thought they wood, so I'm throwing this post up in the hopes you can grab something before it sells out.

We're all about the holiday jammies (and decor, and books, and...etc) over here! I'll be sharing our favorite holiday books soon, but for now, I want to know: do you do matching jammies for the family at your house? Or is it just the kids? Or do you not do it at all? Let me know!



  • Wait for things to go on sale! I promise if they're not on sale, they will be before Christmas! Old Navy has been having sale after sale after sale (right now is their jingle jammies sale!). Gap has also been having a few sales recently as well, but their jammies are usually excluded. I love you but I see you, Gap. 😐 
  • Use Rakuten to get some money back! Sign up, click the site you want to buy from and let the money roll in! If you aren't signed up, I'd love it if you used my referral link here! Right now, if you sign up using my link, you'll get $40!
  • If you can't find Carter's jammies on their site or they're out of the size you're looking for, try Kohls or Macy's! They sell the exact same jammies on their sites!