Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Hey friends! These past couple of weeks, we've had some shenanigans happening around the house. We've had green water in our toilets, things moved around and put in silly places and even our milk turned green! The boys are convinced there's a leprechaun behind it all and this week, made some leprechaun traps!


These were super easy to make and all we had to do was dig through our recyclables for materials!

My oldest decided a Rainbow Hotel would be pretty enticing for a leprechaun. He took an old Amazon box, covered it in green construction paper and made some windows and doors for it. I created "The Rainbow Hotel" on Photoshop for him and printed it out. Super easy!

My youngest son decided to he wanted to create a literal trap of a leprechaun hat with a rainbow ladder to climb up onto the top with. I tried to convince him we should cut a hole into the top but he's pretty sure the leprechaun will be able to go in, no matter what. His trap is an oatmeal box, covered in green construction paper. The ladder is popsicle sticks glued together and then painted different colors.

We'll report back tomorrow with our results! :)