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June Ipsy Bag - Review & Swatches

What's this? An Ipsy bag review in the actual month it was delivered? It's a Christmas miracle! That being said, if you haven't received yours yet (or haven't opened it), don't peek!

This month's theme is On The Wild Side! - "As the warm months start to set in, we want you to channel the edgier side of style with products that are undeniably "On the Wild Side." 

Sneak peek into the bag!

The Bag - In all honesty, I think the picture itself explains how awesome this bag is. It screams wild and summer to me. I really love the zipper in the front instead of on the top. I'll definitely be using this a lot this summer.

Chella Ivory Lace Highlighter Crayon - Buy
I remember getting a Chella brow gel in a previous Ipsy bag and falling in love with the brand so I was excited to see this in this month's bag. This pencil can be used as a highlighter under the eye brow, over your cupids bow and wherever else you highlight, as a light eyelid primer, a nude eyeliner to make your eyes pop and/or a concealer for blemishes! Very smooth application but the lasting power wasn't that great for use as a concealer.

J.Cat Sparkling Cream PaletteBuy
What a bummer about this palette. I was under the assumption it would be a crazy glitter-y eyeshadow palette but J.Cat as well as Ipsy have made it clear that this is not to be used anywhere near your eyes. I'm not really a body glitter type of girl so unfortunately, this wasn't for me. Wahh! 

Swatches of J.Cat Sparkling Cream Palette

NYX Cream Blush in Rose Petal- Buy
I love this! Rose Petal is a beautiful dusty pink that gives your cheeks just the right amount of "just pinched" look. I've never tried a cream blush before, but guys, this stuff is amazing! The consistency is so smooth and creamy and dries almost like a powder. It blends amazingly. I've really never used anything like it before but now I wish I had like, 20 of these. I will definitely be buying more from NYX. 

Starlooks Lip Pencil in Tipsy - Buy
Oh hey, this looks familiar! ;) I already have this lip pencil from reviewing the February Starlooks Starbox and it's awesome, guys. It's a gorgeous bright coral lip liner with great staying power.

Swatches of Tipsy, Rose Petal & Rose Petal blended and Ivory Lace Highlighter

Psssst! Instant Dry ShampooBuy
With this heat, a thin-haired girl like me needs this to survive summer! Normally, I'll wash my hair and by night time, it's flat and greasy. A quick spray of this, brush it and you're ready to go! The smell is very light and clean. This size is perfect to pop in your purse and go!

Ta-da! So that's the bag. What do you think? Overall, this bag had some hits and misses but I'm really excited to have the cream blush, the bag itself and the highlighter. What did you get in your bag?

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  1. Great bag! A lot of fun items to play with :)

  2. I got the gel eyeliner instead of the dry shampoo... which is AH-MAZING - the best thing in the bag - though I really wanted to try the dry shampoo, too. I also think the glitter is a bust, and I probably won't use my lip pencil, but the bag is still a great value!

    1. Oooh and see, I wanted the gel eyeliner! Haha. I'm pretty bummed about the glitter. What color lip pencil did you get?

  3. I got the gel eyeliner, dry shampoo, cream blush, glitter palette and lip liner in Tipsy. I'm not so thrilled over the glitter palette, and I would have LOVED the highlighter from Chella, but I can't complain. I love Ipsy. xx

  4. I got a gel eyeliner, cream blush, lip liner in Bare, Chella highlighter, and glitter palette too, but unlike most everyone else, I like the glitter. I plan to use it to highlight my tattoo's on nights out and when I dress up for Halloween. Even if you get a couple duds in your bag, Ipsy is a great value compared to what you spend for it and you get to try things you probably never normally would. :<)

  5. Love this box! I love my Tipsy lipliner!!


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