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Monday, April 22, 2019

How We Prevent Night Terrors

*Thank you so much to Dr. Hart for gifting us their weighted blanket for this post!

Night terrors. WOAH. What is UP with those?! Our oldest, Hunter started getting night terrors around 18 months and at the time, we had no clue what they were. Does your child have them too? About 3% of children ages 4-12 have them, they are most common in boys and are 80% more common in families that have a family member with a sleeping disorder like sleepwalking.

If you've searched about this and my post has popped up for you, than you know that they are absolutely terrifying to watch as a parent because there's nothing you can really do to help them while they're having them. 

I've put together some information on what a night terror is, what's the difference between a night terror vs. a nightmare and how we try to keep them at bay. Let me know in the comments what has helped you and your little one!
Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Target Tuesday: Handbag + Accessories BOGO

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Hey hey! Lately, it kinds of seems like if I'm not talking about Target, there isn't a post. I'm so sorry, guys. These past few weeks have just kicked my butt between doctors appointments and running around - it's been nuts. I have a few posts in the works about Easter which I'm really excited to share but for now, let's talk about Target. 

They're currently having a BOGO on all their handbags, accessories and jewelry! Now's the time to grab that super cute hat or those sweet SugarFix earrings you've had your eye on because what better excuse to buy than to say, "Well, I got it on sale!"
Wednesday, April 03, 2019

Target Tuesday: Dollar Spot Spring Tablescape

Howdy howdy! This warm weather we recently got has me bringing out allllll the spring decor now. My house is kind of in a weird limbo, decor-wise, once Christmas is over so I'm always excited to start decorating for another holiday and season. I normally wait until the first of whatever month Easter decides it wants to be in, y'know?

This week, I worked on my spring/Easter tablescape using a bunch of decor from Target's Dollar Spot along with a few pieces from them from last year! Nothing is over $5 and they have some really cute decor items that you can use over and over again.

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Earrings That'll Give You All The Spring Vibes

*Sponsored by

Hey babes! Oh man. So, yesterday, we experienced 65 degree weather for the first time in what felt like decades (I'm super dramatic) but guys, it was glorious. Tonight, it's supposed to get back down to 32 but hey, at least I'll have these earrings to give me some spring vibes my way.

Weird transition, I know. I'm working on them. But seriously. How cute are these little ear crawlers?  I kind of feel like they'd be perfect for a music festival. Super cute, right? Now, what if I told you they were $2.98?! Crazy, right? I put together a few earrings that'll have you thinking of spring but won't have your wallet crying. Let's check them out!

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Gettin' Sultry w/ the Alter Ego Temptress Palette

*Product sent for review. Thank you, Alter Ego!

Man, it feels so good to be writing about beauty products again. YAY! Alrighty. Today, I'm sharing with you a new company. Meet Alter Ego and their Temptress Palette ($16)! If you haven't herd of Alter Ego yet, let me introduce to them. They're brand spankin' new on the block and with motto like, "Beauty without compromise.", I'm sure it won't take long for them to settle into our hearts - and makeup drawers.

"Our mission is to make beauty more inclusive and accessible, using only the highest quality ingredients and state-of-the-art production methods.We listen to what the makeup community wants to create products for every lifestyle and personality - reflecting the true “Alter Ego” in all of us." - Alter Ego


Well, hellllllo beautiful. The Temptress Palette ($16) is quite obviously inspired by ABH's Sultry Palette ($45), bringing the heat with seven rich, warm metallicss and seven deep mattes. Although I don't own the Sultry Palette, just from referencing photos online, it would seem to me that the shades are pretty right on, color-wise but I won't be able to compare formula-wise, unfortunately. The palette is paraben-free and cruelty-free.


  • Whisper - a cool matte grey.
  • Lust - a warm matte brown.
  • Blush - a warm matte coral.
  • Gilt - a warm matte gold.
  • Uptown - a warm matte taupe.
  • Sterling - a metallic pewter.
  • Stiletto - a rich black matte.
  • Lace - a warm matte beige.
  • Seduction - a warm peach with a frosty finish.
  • Champagne - a warm metallic copper.
  • Mistress - a gold metallic.
  • Ritz - a metallic brown.
  • After Hours - a cool matte brown.
  • Desire - a warm metallic brown.
Can we talk about the metallics first because I can't even contain how amazing they are. Talk about a creamy formula! Each one goes on like it's wet (but it's not). Hey, Alter Ego, can we get a palette for just these? SWOON. Moving on to mattes, they performed well. Whisper sheered out a little too easily when I put it in my outer v, but I was able to build it back up with no issues. Stiletto has become my favorite black eyeshadow of all time. The pigmentation is INSANE. Lace is the same color as my skin, so while you might not see it in the swatches below, know that it's gorgeous and I love using it as a matte inner corner to brighten the eye.

My favorite shadows from this palette? Seduction, Champagne, Uptown and Sterling!

Lid: Champagne + Blush | Inner Corner: Seduction | Lower Lash: Blush | Outer V: Whisper | Crease: Uptown


Color me super duper impressed, guys. For $16, you can't go wrong, especially if you've had your eye on the ABH palette but can't splurge. The metallics, alone, are so insanely good. I mean, good good. The mattes are soft and buttery. I mean, I don't really have any negative thoughts to share about this one. It's a really great palette and I'm super stoked to see what else is in store for Alter Ego!

PS. Right now, Alter Ego is offering free shipping plus two free brushes with purchase of the palette!


Where to buy: Alter Ego | $16
* Use code: noelle for 15% off!
(not an affiliate code, just a sweet discount for my readers!)
Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Target Tuesday: Dinosaur Planters, Pranks + Dr. Seuss!

Hip hip hooray for Target Tuesday, my weekly series where I take you down the aisles with me through the homeland many moms like to call Tar-jay. Today, we're talking alllll about the big gorgeous space that hits you right when you walk in: Bullseye's Playground (or the Dollar Spot) and more specifically, I'm sharing some of my fave finds for the kiddos!

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