Tuesday, February 18, 2014
With my last go with an overseas-based company, I decided to try again. This time with SammyDress! I think SammyDress is more well-known than the previous company I tried (Rose Wholesale - review) but they sell the same things - clothes, shoes, accessories at wholesale prices.

I chose the Jeffrey Campbell Look-A-Likes because they looked like the real ones and I wanted a pair in black. I checked out the reviews and for the most part, they seemed positive and the rating was a 4.6 out of 5. Even though I'm a size 8.5, I read from the customer reviews that they run large so I went with a size 39 (equivalent to American size 8) and hoped for the best. They offer a size 40 (American size 9) in the drop down options but don't actually have it and only sell up to a size 39. But have the size 40 as an option. Yeah, that makes sense...

Shipping was normal. Took about a month to receive them. No big deal there. I actually forgot I was even getting them for awhile because there was no e-mails to let me know when it shipped until I asked after about 2 weeks went by. She gave me my tracking number (which didn't tell me much) and they arrived about 2 weeks after that.

Before I even opened the package, I could smell it REEKED of a yucky plastic scent. As soon as I opened the package, the smell was almost overwhelming and I had to put it outside to air it out. I've never experienced that smell so overwhelming (this box blew that one Ipsy bag out of the water) before.

The good news: The shoes are cute and resemble my other JF Litas. They look to be good quality but feel a little plastic (hmm, the smell?) but I mean, what did I expect? Leather? The bad news: They don't freakin' fit. They are too small which is totally my fault. Hey, I took a gamble with the sizing. I think they fit more like a 7 and run smaller than true size but that's just me.

Overall and comparing to Rose Wholesale, I would say everything is the same. You still need to watch the wonky sizing, the weird return policy, 50/50 chance of quality... I lucked out and received a "good" quality product from SammyDress (well as much as I can see since I can't wear them) while Rose Wholesale's dress was iffy. I personally would never go through the craziness of returning and only receiving partial refund back so I didn't even try to return these.

Honestly guys, you know I love you all and as a blogger, I want to be 100% honest. Bottom line: Don't even waste your time or money. It's way too much of a gamble for my liking. During research, I saw so many reviews of customers who bought from SammyDress and didn't even receive the product. Naturally, my review is my own, honest experience of something and I didn't experience what they did but that many reviews of not receiving a product is hard to ignore and I feel like I wouldn't be honest without including that.