Friday, December 5, 2014
As a new mommy, I can tell you the holidays are way different when a baby comes into the picture. There's a new little person to start traditions with and it makes things so much more exciting! Naturally, I want to capture my little one's first Christmas in as many ways as I can so I've come with my top four ways to do it! 

Make Your Own Photobook with
There's no better way to capture a moment than with pictures. Shutterfly is a great site to help save those moments in something tangible (like a gorgeous photobook) that you can keep for years to come or give away as an awesome holiday present. All you have to do is upload your fave pictures to the site and wa-la! That's it. How easy is that? You can choose a more custom photobook that has themed-layouts and text or keep it simple photobook that has just your pictures. I love that they always have awesome deals going on!
Holiday Cards With
Another great idea! Take a family photo together and make them into holiday cards. With Treat, you can upload your own pictures and personalize your card. Then, for the cost of a stamp, Treat will ship out your cards for you! You can also personalize each card with the names of who you're sending it to using the new Card Multiplier feature on the site.

Art Projects
As a daycare teacher, I can come up with a footprint art project for any holiday! Our favorite to do at the daycare for Christmas would be to paint the children's feet green and make "mistletoes" out of them! Gently press their feet on a sheet of paper. Then add a bow at the top of the heels and waa-laa - mistletoes! Too cute :) Another fave is taking your little babe's hand, painting it green and then gently pressing their hand down on a piece of paper, fingers pointing down. Then take their fingers and paint them different colors and use their fingerprints as "ornaments" all over the tree. Lastly, draw a star at the top and wa-la - Christmas tree! PS. Can you tell he likes to stomp with his left foot? :)

Baby's First Ornament
Lastly, baby's first ornaments! You can find these just about anywhere and can customize them with their names or pictures. My mom actually saved all of my "first" ornaments and I really love looking back at them! She also started a tradition where she would buy an ornament every year for us depending on what we were into. Needless to say a lot of my ornaments are Barbie-related :)

What are you doing to capture your baby's firsts? What are some of your family's holiday traditions?