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ColourPop Lippie Stix & Shadows - Swatches & Review

Hey chickies! Thank goodness Christmas is right around the corner because I'm about to show you your newest addiction! They're the ColourPop Lippie Stix and Shadows and I can guarantee they'll be on the top of your list. My mom's motto is, "If you don't believe, you won't receive." Touche, madre. Touche. #do26yearoldsstillmakechristmaslists #stillgonna 

ColourPop is known for their insanely bold and pigmented lippie stix, lippie pencils and shadows - all at only $5 each. Yes, you read that right. $5. You're welcome!  Each lipstick made has a coordinating lipstick pencil so you never have to worry about finding a match. The lipsticks have three finishes: matte, glossy and satin. 

As for the shadows? The consistency is almost cream-like but I think they're pressed powders. They're just that smooth that you can't even tell what they are. They come in a bunch of finishes ranging from metallics to satins to ultra metallics. From uber bright neons to classy neutrals. They really cover all the bases. 

Alrighty. Let's check these babies out now!
(L-R: Hustle, Animal & I Heart This)
*I (as well as ColourPop) recommend using a flat lid brush or even your finger to apply for the best results! 
  • Hustle | a satin burgundy violet. I've been looking all over for a gorgeous burgundy that wouldn't make me look like I'm high or sick. This. Is. Perfect. Not only is the pigmentation on point but I also didn't experience any creasing or fall out from this.
  • Animal | an electric bright neon coral with a gold flash. I'm normally not one to wear neons (not that I don't want to, I just don't go out much to have an excuse to wear it) but I just had to have this! Sure, it's neon but it's so wearable. Again, highly pigmented, easy to apply and no fall out. 
  • I Heart This | a cool-toned silvery taupe with multi-colored glitter. Ugh. Just stunning! I love using this on my inner corner for a gorgeous pop of light!
 Lid: Animal | Outer V: Hustle | Inner Corner: I Heart This

 (L-R: Bound, Clique, Skimpy & Creature)
  • Bound | a glossy light nude pink. For the longest time, I've been looking for the perfect pink! A lot of "pinks" I've come across end up looking way too orange-y (I'm looking at you Babette!) against my pale skin but not this one. Bound is simply amaze balls! It's super smooth and creamy on the lips. It's just perfection!
  • Clique | a matte vivid true orange red. Totally channeling my inner Taylor Swift this one! With other matte lipsticks, I kind of expect to experience a little dryness on the lips. Total opposite with this baby. If this isn't the most hydrating, creamy matte you'll ever come across in your entire life, than you can slap me in the face and call me "Justin Bieber". 
  • Skimpy | a glossy soft pale nude beige. I don't even know where to start with this awesome sauce. A nude lip is always hard to achieve when you're of the pale variety. I don't know if there's unicorn tears in this or what but it's SO flattering on my light skin as well as tanned skin. Super glossy but never sticky!
  • Creature | a matte deepened blackened burgundy red inspired by Eugenie Grey of Hello must-have fall lipstick! Super creamy, hydrating and the lasting time is six hours +.  I think this is my new favorite lipstick ever. I've received so many compliments on it!

(L-R: I Heart This, Animal, Hustle, Bound, Clique, Skimpy & Creature)

SO. I'm obsessed. This is hands down, the biggest bang for your buck that you'll ever come across. The pigmentation and quality rivals that of MAC (and dare I say maybe even better?). Their matte lipsticks blow me out of the water because never have I ever come across a matte that's actually creamy and hydrating. I thought that was only in fairytales. 

Stay tuned for more swatches of ColourPop's holiday lippie collection as well as other random lippies. I *ahem* may have an order coming in as well as an order being placed soon! What addiction? ;)

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  1. These look cute! I like the lip colors a lot.

  2. It's so easy to get addicted. Like I think there needs to be a ColourPop Anonymous

  3. So pretty! I heard a lot of great things about Colour Pop :)

  4. I just placed my second order. Now, I may have to place a third to get Creature! I wore Flawless yesterday and got compliments, and LBB today with So Quiche on my eyes with a matte black liner. They wear for hours, even after drinking and snacking.

  5. Creature is gorgeous ! I deff went through the Colour Pop Phase, and I accumulated so much , I just order one set of lippies and omg I want more.

  6. I Have Not Heard One Bad Thing about ColourPop Yet and I Need These Eye Shadows & Lipsticks! I Hate Being on a Budget but I am Not Working Right Now So I Have to Basically Put All of My Make Up Wants & Needs on Hold for Now, or At Least Until I Can Go Back to Work! These Look Amazing on You & I Love the Brighter Colored Eye Shadows & Lipsticks Too! I am Definitely a Color & Sparkle Kind of Girl; I Think Out of All the Lipsticks Pictured Here My Favorites Would Have to Be Animal, I Heart This, & Clique! You are a Very Lucky Girl & I Would Love to Try These Colors Out and I Know I W One Day; I am Just Very Impatient! LOL! Have a Great Day, Jana

  7. aaah I really like the look you put together!! I want like EVERYTHING of theirs I swear. I also really like Clique on you!

  8. gorgeous lips! love the skimpy one :) awesome post Noelle :)

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  9. You're soooo funny lol. Can't stop laughing while I read the Justin Bieber part. And those products look so amazing that I can't wait to buy them.

  10. Amazing colours.. I love it -


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