Monday, July 6, 2015
Hi loves! So I received a lot of requests to see the BITE Beauty Fall '15 Opal Crème lipstick and gloss layered over the Frozen Berries Collection. In case there was any confusion, you can rock the Opal Crème lipstick and gloss by itself or over your favorite shade. Personally, I like them as a top coat but hey, you be the judge! To see the original reviews for both collections, click here!

When worn by themselves, they might not be for everyone but as toppers, both the Opal Creme lipstick and gloss are gorgeous and add insane dimension to any shade worn underneath! The only ones who didn't want to play nice with each other were Eldeberry with the Opal Creme lipgloss. Total mess! The photo above was take three and it still didn't play very nice. The gloss caused the lipstick to move and slide all over the place creating bald spots in some areas. I highly recommend applying Eldeberry, then blot with a a paper towel, apply Elderberry again and wait to let it set. THEN apply the lipgloss.

These are launching tomorrow at your local Sephora +! 
* Press sample