Monday, September 12, 2016
It's always a good day when ColourPop is on the blog! Today, I have swatches and a review of the new satins and mattes in the #HumbleBrag Collection. I think this is their spring collection - or maybe summer? Who knows. ColourPop legit has a launch about every week. I can't keep track, guys.

(L-R: Littlestitious, Brooklyn, So Wavy + Molly // Are & Be, Privacy Please, Cheap Thrills + Bianca)

The Ultra Satins:

  • Littlestituous (ultra satin) - a pastel dusty pink. Where are my Office fans at? I'm pretty sure this was made with Michael in mind when he said, "I'm not superstitious, but I am a little stitious" BTW, The four satins from this collection are my first try with ColourPop's satins and I have to admit, I'm pretty impressed and prefer them over the mattes.  Littlestitious is basically my favorite nude EVER right now. I can't get over how perfect it is on my fair skin. It doesn't pull orange-y or too pink; it's just perfect. The formula was A+++ and lasted for about five hours. The consistency is basically everything I ever wanted in the matte lipsticks from CP - creamy, dries semi-matte, lasts long and doesn't settle in the fine lines of my lips.
  • Brooklyn (ultra satin) - a warm bright pink. The swatch above is definitely showing it as almost red but I swear it's super hot pink in person as seen on the lip swatch below. I'm not sure if this is the MO for all satins but goodness, this was like heaven on my lips. It surprisingly lasted for about five hours and left a gorgeous stain behind.
  • So Wavy (ultra satin) - a vibrant blue purple. I didn't realize how much I needed a blurple in my life until I tried this baby on. I am SO in love with this. Again, the consistency is just perfection. It dries down but still stays creamy but stays put at the same time. Does that make sense? Also, this leaves a BRIGHT pink stain behind.
  • Molly (ultra satin) - a mid-tone plum lilac. How gorgeous is Molly? It's SO spring-y. I'm sounding like a broken record here but again, killer consistency and just an absolutely gorgeous color. I really can't rave more about these satin lipsticks!

The Ultra Mattes:

  • Bianca (ultra matte) - a soft mauve pink. I know in both the arm swatches and lip swatches, Bianca and Littlestitious are practically twins but in person, Bianca is definitely a little more cooler toned and dustier. Did ColourPop change their matte formulas again? I was totally feeling these and actually mistook them for the satins at one point because they were just that smooth to put on. I didn't seem to have the issues I did with the previously released ultra mattes (dried too fast, settled in the lip lines, etc.). Bianca is general is so stunning. I loved the way it felt on my lips!
  • Cheap Thrills (ultra matte) - a dusty lilac. *cough* Close Jeffree Star dupe of Gemini??? *cough* Just sayin'. It kind of looks similar! Cheap Thrills had the same smooth application as Bianca and dried fast but comfy. It didn't settle into my lips and wore for about six hours. 
  • Privacy Please (ultra matte) - a vivid lavender violet. Privacy Please was the only one out of the mattes that I had a slight issue with. It applied nicely but took some time to dry down. In fact, it was tacky for about ten minutes before it finally dried down. After that, it was comfortable but did settle into my lip lines. I wouldn't say it was a huge issue but just, compared to the others, it seemed like it was the "problem child" out of the ones I bought.
  • Are & Be (ultra matte) - a rich mauve plum. I. AM. OBSESSED! This color is just so gorgeous. Are & Be was super easy to work with, applied nicely and evenly, dried down with time to correct any mistakes and lasted about seven hours.

Overall: I'm SO impressed with this collection! The ultra satins are, hands down, my favorite formula ever from ColourPop right now. I seriously need them all. I was actually really impressed with the formulas from the mattes as well. I feel like ColourPop is constantly tweaking their mattes which is great. My favorites are Bianca, Cheap Thrills, Are & Be, Littlestitious and So Wavy! Which ones are your faves?

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