Thursday, October 5, 2017
Here we go, ladies and gents! Welcome to the first look of Noelle-O-Ween (yeah, still workin' on that name!) - a kitty. But not just any kitty. Well, I mean, this look is just a simple cat but there are so many ways to spice this up. A faux septum ring? Bam! A bad, punk rock kitty! A black and white striped shirt? Pow! A cat burglar (get bur-okay, I think you get it). Really, the options are endless!

 How To Get This Look:

  • Let's get this baby rollin'! Okie dokie. I actually didn't prime or moisturize before starting this look. I wasn't sure how the primer oil that I've been using would react with the water-based face paint I was using so I nixed it but I have a since tried this combo and had no issues. For foundation, I used good ol' faithful tarte empowered Hybrid Gel Foundation in Light Sand and then concealed with the ColourPop No Filter Concealer in Light Neutral.
  • Next, I bronzed with the Urban Decay Beached Bronzer in Bronzed but did not use blush or highlight. I felt like it would kind of take away from the whole "cat-like" look.
  • Now, for the fun part! I searched high and low for the best face paint palette that wouldn't break the bank and came across the Wolfe FX Essentials Paint Palette and Skinz Palette. They're both water-activated which means that they're powders that turn into pigmented creams when used with water. The Essentials Palette was $30 but you can use it for up to three years and it never dries out because it's powder. The Skinz Palette was $15, if I remember correctly but both are pretty budget-friendly. Anyway, I used the Skinz Palette for this look! I took the lightest shade, used the smallest amount of water possible (a little water goes a longgggg way) and dabbed a cotton ball into it and then lightly dabbed this under my nose and above my lips for a lightened look like some cats have. Next, I took the darkest shade (it's like a dark, dark brown) and made small little dots in the same area for where whiskers would be.
  • For the nose, I took a black liner and lined the 1/3 bottom of my nose (does that measurement even make sense?) and then took the second darkest brown from the Skinz Palette and colored the rest in. 
  • Onto the eyes, I dug into the ColourPop I Think I Love You Palette which is probably one of my absolute favorites right now. I am so surprised this isn't sold out. It's that good, you guys. For the crease, I used Belair and then with a more detailed crease brush took My Type right underneath it. For the outer v, I used Let's Do It and then on the lid, I patted on Screw It. For the lower lash, I used Let's Do It and My Type and blended them out. Taking my tarte Tarteist Clay Liner and a thin, angled brush, I created an exaggerated cat eye. I then took Jesse's Girl Liquid Liner in black and brought that cat eye into the corner of my eyes, as well, to give a feline-type of look. Inner corner highlight is Better Bitter. For mascara, I used my favorite PUR Cosmetics Fully Charged Mascara.
  • Lastly, for the lips, I brushed some foundation over them and then took ColourPop Ultra Matte Lipstick in Friday on a lip brush and filled in the top lip and flicked out the ends. I left the bottom lip nakey.


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