Thursday, January 18, 2018 January? Groundbreaking. Okay, I'm channeling my inner Miranda from Devil Wears Prada there, but honestly, freezing temps in Connecticut is the norm this time of year - except I never have two kiddos that can walk and talk and need me to entertain alllllllll day until this year. It's exhausting.

I'm sure many mamas have been in this situation. You've done crafts, you've made ice cream snow, you've even changed your name to Captain Mommy Poopy Candy (just me?) to appease the masses but it's not enough. Okay. I'm being dramatic. It's enough. Honestly. But sometimes, when you're walking through Target and your child spots a new toy from the Dollar Spot, you let them have it because it'll give you a couple extra minutes at home to enjoy your coffee. Am I right?


Speaking of, have you guys seen the newest little toys from Target's Dollar Spot? They are so cute! We grabbed a few new ones on our latest trip there and the boys were so excited (and I mean, I was too because they were only $5 each at the most)! Come check out what we got!

1. Yummy Felt Food.felt-food-cheeseburger-toddler-toys-target

I can't handle the cuteness of Target's felt food, ya'll. Hunter picked the cheeseburger ($3) but we also spotted a big pizza, tacos and a pie. This cheeseburger has a string through the middle so you can tie all the fixins together which is perfect to keep everything together. Brownie points for also teaching Hunter how to lace through the holes!

2. Race Track Tape.

Where has this been all my life? This tape ($1 a roll) is the bomb and now my kids can keep their cars on the floor and off the walls. Wishful thinking. The tape is stickier than painter's tape but peels off just the same without bringing anything up with it. Also, it's super duper durable. As in, my boys have already stuck it to the floor, peeled it off, stuck it in another room's floor and it still is sticking. This mom is super impressed!

3. Felt Activity Books.

I love activity books ($3-5); the kids, eh, still working on it but I think I got Hunter into this one because the main theme was cars (he's obsessed). They had a lot of  different themes to choose from, as well as fun little felt play sets. This activity book has a pocket to keep all the pieces together (we'll see how long that lasts) and a few pages of puzzles and matching games. Hunter surprisingly liked it!

4. Mini Building Blocks.


A rare appearance from Brody B. but oh man, he couldn't keep his hands off the mini building blocks ($3)! He loved stacking them up and knocking them down. They come in a bunch of bright, fun colors and are easy to stack for little ones. Hunter also just had to have these wooden fruit pieces ($4) that are stackable as well. Brody kept running around yelling, "'Nanana. 'Nanana." so totally worth it.

5. Little Lego Guys.

Okay, they're not the Lego brand, but they're adorable and Hunter loves them. These little guys come in a five pack ($3) and in a variety of different costumes from workers to superheros to spacemen. My youngest likes to bite their arms off so we keep them out of his hands but Hunter really likes playing with them. I also found this super cute wooden house ($5) in the same area!

What are some of your favorite Target Dollar Spot finds?