Tuesday, July 9, 2019
Big thank you to NOMAD Cosmetics for sending me this palette to try out!

Two things have been bringing the heat these past few weeks, guys. Mother Nature and this palette! It's the NOMAD x Antilles Palette ($37) and I'm so, so excited about it.  Doesn't it's packaging just scream summer?! Now, if you're not into bright colors, NOMAD Cosmetics has a few other palettes to choose from, all inspired by different destinations around the world.

Have you heard of NOMAD? The founders, Felicia and Antti, together have over 25 years in the cosmetic industry. In 2015, they decided to combine their passion of traveling and cosmetics to create NOMAD Cosmetics! Each of their palettes are inspired by a spectacular destination and they design their makeup on location to make sure they capture the character of the spot.

The Antilles Palette ($37) is a 15 eyeshadow pan palette inspired by the beautiful sunkissed Antilles Islands. NOMAD's eyeshadows are formulated with extra-fine pigments and infused with Coconut Oil for a super buttery feel with intense color pay-off. They are cruelty-free and vegan. No parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, talc nor gluten is used in this palette.


  • Secret Harbor - a satin raw sienna.
  • Blue Lagoon - a shimmery paradise blue.
  • Grace Bay - a satin azure blue.
  • El Floridita - a shimmery coral pink.
  • Curacao Nights - a satin ultra violet.
  • Champagne Reef - a golden shimmer.
  • Glistening Waters - a satin aquamarine.
  • Playa Flamenco - a shimmery rich raspberry.
  • Seven Mile Beach - a satin tangerine tango.
  • Diamond Waterfalls - a satin radiant lilac.
  • Happy Island - a satin lemon yellow.
  • The Baths - a satin serenity blue.
  • Pink Sand Beach - a satin coral rose.
  • Mahogany Bay - a shimmery tropical peach.
  • Rum Punch - a satin vivid honeysuckle.
Can I just note that the names of these shadows make me so, so happy? You can tell they were well-thought out and so cohesive with the palette's theme!


So let's discuss. Right off the bat, when I was just swatching on my arm a few weeks ago, I was blown away. They're creamy and buttery and just so smooth to work with. But what about on the eyelids? I've worked with a few palettes that were a dream swatched on the arm but then didn't work on my lids at all.

I can't hide it. This palette is EVERYTHING and more. All 15 of these shadows (not one troublemaker out of the entire palette) were absolute heaven to work with on the lids. Just a light dip of the brush into the pan gave me more than enough shadow to work with. Each shadow was buttery soft, with little to no fall out. I'm just so, so impressed with this palette. I can't say enough good things about them.

My favorite shadows of the bunch? Champagne Reef, Happy Island, Mahogany Bay and El Flordita.

(Outer V: Diamond Waterfalls, Crease: Curacao Nights, Lid: Mahogany Bay, Inner Lid: Playa Flamenco, Lower Lid: Curacao Nights / Mahogany Bay)


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