Saturday, April 30, 2022

Hey friends! Did you know next week is Teacher Appreciation Week (5/2-5/6)?! Teacher Appreciation Week is a special week to celebrate and say "thanks" to all the hard work and dedication teachers put in throughout the school year. Back when I worked in daycare (a v long time ago), I remember how loved and appreciated we all felt during this week! 

Although I homeschool my children, I thought I'd share a fun Teacher Appreciation Week treat for teachers in the form of a survival kit 😂- filled with things they might need during class as well as some treats for when they clock out! These kits are pretty neutral (for male or female teachers) and there's quite a few things that come in pack of multiples so you can save some money if you have multiple teachers!


Our survival kit for teachers includes:
  • a small (but super cute!) pouch to put everything in.
  • small individually wrapped chocolates to sneak when no one is looking.
  • hand sanitizer. because kids.
  • chapstick
  • face mask
  • gift card to target/starbucks/dunkin/etc.
  • tissues. also because kids.
  • pens. lots and lots of pens.
The pens, chapsticks, chocolates and tissues all came in packs of multiples so it's easy to split them apart if you have more than one teacher! I think if you're gifting a gift card for a teacher, you don't have to go crazy on the amount. Honestly, $5 for a coffee on you is perfect!