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butterLONDON: The Solids - Trout Pout, Primrose Hill Picnic & Cheeky Chops

Howdy everyone! Today I have for you part one of two of my butterLondon collection. Granted, my entire BL collection is six bottles (three glitters, three solids) but I couldn't let them sit there any longer without being shown off! butterLondon was one of the first polishes that I just stared at and wished that someday I would have enough guts to drop $14 on one bottle. Oh, how things have changed (and I've been lucky enough to have two bought for me in a birthday swap group - Thanks, girls! XO)!

My solid colored butterLondon's: Trout Pout, Primrose Hill Picnic and Cheeky Chops

butterLONDON Trout Pout

"Pale and retro, this opaque cantaloupe nail lacquer looks great on anyone."

butterLONDON couldn't have described this polish better. Cantaloupe is the perfect color description! It's not pink nor peach nor orange - It's everything mixed together! 

Two very smooth coat for complete opacity. 

I am so thankful I received this from my birthday! Talk about a total Noelle color. I love that it's super unique in color and has a smooth formula. 

butterLONDON Primrose Hill Picnic

"A happy, punchy, tropical, fuschia pink nail lacquer. Will make you want to take off your shoes and run barefoot through the office."

Again, spot on color description! You go, butterLONDON!

Two coats for full opacity. Again, amazing formula and had no application problems.

Love the color! I think this makes for a great summer-to-fall transition polish since it is a bit on the berry side. A+!

butterLONDON Cheeky Chops

"“Why, no - I do not have a banana in my pocket - but I am happy to see you.” Get noticed with this bright yellow nail lacquer."

Bright is right! This is a buttery canary yellow, people and it definitely stands out.

Unfortunately, this was a little streaky for me as you can see in some spots. This was three coats. That being said, I really do love this color and I would say it's probably my most favorite yellow. It's the attention grabber in me. 

Overall, big fan of Cheeky Chops but it was streaky for me.

I've always ooh'd and aah'd over butterLONDON's when I first got into nail polish. Their formulas are superb (minus Cheeky Chops, for me but I love it anyway!) and their colors are unique enough for me to not feel buyer's remorse spending $14 a bottle. Which one is your favorite?

butterLondon, $14.00


  1. Wow, Cheeky Chops looks sooooo cute! Now I MUST get it :o)

    1. It's my favorite yellow! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this color! :)

  2. I've been wearing knees up and I'm loving it an gorgeous metallic red!

    :) chelsey

    1. Oooh I'll have to check that one out. That sounds gorgeous!

  3. Beautiful swatches!!! Trout Pout is a lemming of mine. I wish I was brave enough to drop $14 on a polish........maybe one day I will put on my big girl panties and march ( well drive since it's over 30 minutes away )to my local Ulta and buy a butter London AND a Layla Holo!!!

    1. Thank you, love! Ah, it was a lemming of mine too! I was lucky enough that someone bought it for me for a birthday. Girl, it's hard! Haha. I would always say to myself, "But $14 - that's gas money!" The way I look at it, if it brings you happiness, why not? I've always wanted to try a Layla holo!

  4. I love cheeky chops! I don't think I'll ever end up with a butter london polish though, they're so expensive here!! $30-35 NZD!


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