Thursday, April 17, 2014
When it comes to body lotions, there's only a few things I ask for: keep my skin nice and soft, keep my skin moisturized, smell amazing, apply nicely and make me question if I can eat said lotion.

Yup. That happened. Farmhouse Fresh Whoopie! Cream Shea Butter actually made me question it and see if it was edible. In fact, the conversation with my fiance went a little like this:

Noelle: Holy crap (in actuality, it might've been a different four letter word). Ant. Come here. Smell this!
Ant: Wow. That's nice.
Noelle: It looks like frosting. Wait. Is this frosting? 
Ant: I don't think they'd send you frosting to rub on your skin.
Noelle: This smells exactly like frosting from a cake. Do you think it's edible? 
Ant: No. No, I don't.

A day in the life, huh? Needless to say, it's not edible guys and no, I didn't test that out. I just know. Hmph. Farmhouse Fresh wanted to create a body butter creme reminiscent of home baked Whoopie Pies. Nailed it! Did you know that Whoopie Pies get their name from when farmers would shout, "Whoopie!" when they found out these yummy desserts were in their lunch pails. How cute is that?

Onto the cream: Whoopie! contains a blend of shea and cocoa butters, jojoba seed oil, soybean oil, aloe and vitamins A and E. This moisturizing mix softens and smooths dry, chapped skin and improves your skin's elasticity. Paraben and sulfate free. Vegan. Gluten-free. 90% natural.

The consistency is a light lotion that I could've sworn was frosting (but smoother and easier to work with than I imagine smearing frosting on your body would be like). I swear. Even the scent when you first pump it out is a sweet, vanilla buttercream scent. Once you rub it onto your skin, the scent turns into a yummy cake scent. It's a scent transformer, y'all! Surprisingly, a little goes a long way. Two small pumps cover my entire arm in moisturizing goodness. The lotion melts into your skin within a minute, leaving behind no greasiness whatsoever and left my skin feeling nice and soft all day. I've actually been using this on my tummy to keep stretch marks at bay and *fingers crossed* so far, so good!

Farmhouse Fresh: Buy | Price: $30