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Review: OASAP Puncture Ring & Skeleton Earrings

Howdy all! Tonight I have a few pieces of jewelry that OASAP was kind enough to let me pick out and send to me. I love, love, LOVE both of these! Let's check 'em out.

Puncture Ring - Buy
I first saw this ring at Brandy Melville and DIED. I love the illusion it gives. When I received it from OASAP, I was kinda like, "How the heck do you wear this?" It doesn't fit comfortably like a ring. Your pointer finger and ring finger hold it in place, if that makes sense. I still love this ring but it's definitely not something you could wear and run around. 

Skull Shaped Chain Tassel EarringsBuy
How sweet are these? I'm totally diggin' skulls right now and these are perfect! The skeleton hands have little cuffs behind them to cuff to your upper ear. They're totally flexible to open or close to fit your ear. I really loved the little flower ring the skeleton hands are wearing. Too cute!

How cute are those tiny little skulls?

Overall: I love OASAP's jewelry selection! Everything is trendy and well made. The only con I had about OASAP was that I had to wait a month for my things to get here. It isn't a big deal to me since I understand it's coming from Hong Kong to the US but I do know for you impatient fashionista's it might be a dealbreaker. Shipping is free worldwide.

What do you guys think? Would you wear the Puncture ring or the cuff earrings?

* Products in this post were provided to me by the company or maker for an honest review!


  1. That puncture ring is pretty cool!! :D Love it! :D

  2. That is some wicked jewelry! LOVE IT!

  3. OBSESSED with those earrings hooooooly crap I know what I'll be getting my next order from them!

    1. AREN'T THEY AWESOME!??! Get them, girl!


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