Wednesday, November 28, 2012
Hi everyone! Just finished a nail art challenge and hopping into the next! Guess what today is? Today starts the 12 Days of Christmas Nail Art Challenge! Yay! A huge hug and thank you to Nicole at Dipped In Lacquer for setting this up. This challenge goes until Christmas Day. I could hardly contain my excitement when I heard about this challenge. Ever since I first got into nail art, I was dreaming up fun Christmas designs! So let's check out day one: only red and green!


This challenge was certainly as challenge! First off, I don't own a single green green polish! What kind of polish blogger am I?  I mean, sure, I have tons of mints and turquoise, but nothing that even slightly resembles Kermit the Frog green :( I ended up doing some quick thinking and using one of my Migi pens as the base color. Secondly, I just started my new job this week (yay!) and this challenge kind of snuck up on me. Was this done in a rush? Er...well...yes. Don't kill me!  PS. Ignore my insanely dry cuticles tonight. The weather plus constantly washing my hands at work (I'm a daycare teacher!) totally wrecked havoc on them. 

Polish used: Migi Pen in Green, China Glaze Prey Tell, Lynnderella Pretty Little Vampire and Above The Curve Kerbabbled!

Major fail alert: red + green = brown. I'm le idiot! Can you tell I just wasn't thinking? Anyway, I'm not completely disappointed with this. I love the matte green and with super shiny (and glitter packed) tips.

Who's excited for Christmas? *THIS GIRL!*

Check out these lovely ladies and their red and green nails: