Wednesday, March 26, 2014
Hello sugar babies! Now that I'm into my second trimester (I'll be four months this Friday!), I feel like it's a great time to let this post out from the drafts. Just remember: these are products that helped me out and made me feel comfortable but hey, they may not be for everyone. I'd love to know what helped you through your first trimester :)

Trader Joe's Ginger Mints
Did you know that "morning sickness" affects about 75% of women in their first trimester? 50% of those women actually get sick while 25% only get nauseous and than that lucky last 25% get nothing. I actually considered myself lucky. Thankfully, I was the quarter that only got nauseous but this nausea would hit me ANY TIME OF THE DAY especially early in the morning and at night. Or in fun situations like out to dinner with family or walking around the mall. So after some research, I found Trader Joe's Ginger Mints. Ginger is a natural alternative that is supposed to settle your stomach and ease nausea. I swear by these mints. As soon as I felt nauseous, I would pop one in my mouth and within a minute would feel it go away. I bought a few tins and carried one in my purse and one near my nightstand. They're a little spicy since there's a whole lot of ginger in these candies (ginger oil, ground up ginger) but they're miracle workers and I highly recommend these babies to help with nausea!

Liz Lange Maternity Shirts
The first trimester is such a weird trimester to dress. You're still you but you feel all bloaty and suddenly your jeans don't feel like they fit and your shirts look weird. The entire first trimester I wore leggings, hoodies (thank goodness for cold weather - you will never hear me say that again!) and shirts from the Liz Lange Maternity collection. I would wear these shirts even if I wasn't pregnant - that's how awesome they are. So soft. So comfy. They even have ruching on the sides so you can wear them from your first trimester to your third AND even after. The price is pretty cheap compared to other maternity lines and there's a lot of cute options. I'm dying to try out their jeans!

CVS Prenatal Gummy Vitamins & NexaPlus Prenatal Vitamins
Clearly, prenatal vitamins are totally up to your preference and what your body needs. Always discuss prenatal options with your doctor first. My doctor prescribed me NexaPlus which has plant-based DHA but I grabbed the CVS gummies just in case I couldn't swallow the NexaPlus and those were perfect on the days I was feeling extra nauseous. The NexaPlus prenatals are huge but never bothered my stomach. Ever. They're pretty awesome! And they have a stool softener in them. Never thought I'd be excited for that one. I've been told/researched to look for prenatals with the following recommended dosages in them BUT again, consult your doctor first:
  • Folic Acid: Recommended dosage 400-800 mcg - This B9 vitamin is found in leafy green vegetables and enriched grains. Folic acid, also known as folate, is a vital nutrient that can prevent neural tube defects. These birth defects usually occur before the pregnancy is confirmed and can lead to an incomplete development of the spinal cord and the brain. It’s advised to start on this supplement while trying to conceive a child.
  • Calcium: Recommended dosage is 250 mg. Whether you’re pregnant or not, calcium deficiency is something that can and should be totally avoided. In the case of expecting mothers, calcium plays a huge role in the third trimester; it’s the time when most of your baby’s bones will be developing and it is critically important that you consume the right amounts of calcium.
  • Iron: Recommended dosage is 30 mg. This mineral is important for the hemoglobin which carries oxygen to your organs and tissues. During pregnancy, the mother’s body will be producing more blood to nurture the baby and this might cause her iron levels to go down. Therefore, it is important to take a supplement of iron to keep those beat the tiredness, weakness, and anemia.
  • DHA: Recommended dosage is 300 mg. DHA contains an omega-3 fatty acid which enhances the vision, brain and central nervous system. It’s only recently that they have been included in the list of essential pre-natal vitamins.
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Shopping For Baby Clothes
Yeah, I couldn't help it. I think it's fun and something every girl should do when they find out their pregnant. Some say it's bad luck and to not jinx it since it's so early. Even if it's a blanket or just a onesie. I don't know how some people can just not shop for their baby until they find out what they're having. I mean, that's just silly to wait ;) Now, I will admit my biggest vice isn't shopping at all but rather "online browsing" which may be safer for some in the wallet department. If you're looking to ease that "MUST.BUY.BABY.THINGS!" feeling out of your system without actually buying anything, than that's the way to go. My favorite sites to browse are: Janie & Jack | Buy Buy Baby | Old Navy (also has really cute maternity clothes!)

Pregnancy Phone Apps
I suck. I probably couldn't tell you what my baby was doing in my belly right now if you asked me if it weren't for these pregnancy apps. They also keep track of how many months/weeks/days I am, countdown to delivery, forums to talk with other mommies, a calendar to put in appointments and other noteworthy dates, a place to post pictures of your belly, what your baby is up to this week and more! My favorites are: What To Expect, The Bump and BabyCenter.

Honorable Mentions of First Trimester Faves: Gasex, Tums, Tylenol and pickles. Mmmmm pickles.