Wednesday, November 7, 2012
Ah, October! My favorite month of the year has come and gone in a flash. Whomp whomp. Everything about October makes me happy: the leaves changing, haunted houses, pumpkin picking, Halloween, everything! Let's check out what else made me smile this month!
Beauty Favorites:
Bath & Body Works Honey Autumn Apple Body Lotion (Buy) & Pumpkin Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel (Buy)
This lotion is so yummy smelling! It's basically fall in a bottle. I also have this in an anti-bac and a spray. That's how addicted I am to this scent. I think I had the Pumpkin anti-bac in my September Favorites but I couldn't help putting this in this month's faves as well. I have so many back-ups of this.

  • Pams & Kin Bruised (Buy) -  This baby snuck in the last week and I couldn't help but put this in my favorites for this month. It's a beautiful deep blue with a pink and orange shimmer. The review for this will be up sometime this week. I'm totally diggin' vampy colors this fall!
  • Julep Demi (Buy) - Another beautiful vampy color. A deep blood red. 
  • Essie Butler Please (Buy) - I'm also lovin' bright electric colors for fall. Butler Please is no exception. First off, I love the name of this polish. Secondly, I've received so many compliments on this. Thirdly, the formula is a dream to work with! AND - ready for this? - No staining!
  • NYC Matte Crazy (Buy) - Lastly, I've really been loving the matte look. This top coat takes any nail polish shiny, glittery, whatever and makes it matte. At a $1.99, it's an awesome buy!
Sunny's Miracle Balm in Pumpkin Patch Buy
This stuff right here - OMG. It smells amazing and softens my cuticles like no one's business. I love all things that smell like pumpkins and this is no different. It's a little like a pumpkin pie on your nails. Who doesn't want that?

E.L.F. Little Black Beauty Book - Buy
I first saw Bethany (MacBarbie07 on YouTube) have this in her monthly favorites a few months ago and went off to Target to find it. I'm so happy I found it! It has 48 little pans of different colors. I mostly used the natural colors. I haven't had the guts to try the more brighter colors yet!

Cool Python Edition

Non-Beauty Favorites:
Bath & Body Works White Barn Nutmeg and Spice and Cinnamon Frosting Mini CandlesBuy
I think it's safe to say I'm obsessed with B&BW. I got both of these candles for free and have since gone back and got full sizes (and then some)! Nutmeg and Spice reminds me of walking into a country store. They just have that warm, home-y smell. I can't explain it. Cinnamon Frosting smells like a baked spice cake. So yummy!

iPhone 5 Otterbox Commuter Case in Orange Buy
Funny thing about this case: I didn't want it. My boyfriend had bought me the iPhone 5 for a late birthday present and I couldn't find a cute case no matter where I looked. Everything was $50+ and then you had to pre-order it, blah, blah, blah. He talked me into getting this and I LOVE it. I've dropped this phone I don't even know how many times and so far, no shattering, chips, NADDA.

Halloween Candy!
I've been munching on Halloween candy like crazy! There were some Kit Kats in this picture but they, um, magically disappeared somewhere. 

Favorite Bloggers:
OhThreeOhFour - Her swatches are amazing! Have you seen her nails? GAH!
Chalkboard Nails - Need I say more? Not only are her swatches out of this world but her nail art is to die for!

Favorite TV Shows:
- 666 Park Ave
- Halloween Wars
- American Horror Story

Favorite Songs:
One More Night - Maroon 5
The A Team - Ed Sheeran
Somebody's Heartbreak - Hunter Hayes

How was everyone's Halloween and October? What were your favorites this month?