Thursday, January 3, 2013
Helllllllo lovemuffins! Call me weird, but I absolutely love watching/reading what vlogger/bloggers receive for Christmas. So I figured I'd show you all what I got! Beware: This is pretty picture heavy!

From Ant's family:

Hello Kitty Gum Ball Machine - My fiancee's whole family knows how much I love Hello Kitty so this was no surprise to me. Where Ant's grandma found a Hello Kitty Gum Ball Machine, I'll never know but I'm so happy I got it!

Hello Kitty Nail Set - Again with the Hello Kitty! This is a set with fake HK nails, three bottles of HK polish, toe separators, rings, lipgloss, lotion, etc. Ant's mom bought me this (plus a gift card) for Christmas. I don't know what's more awesome (and a bit sad): the fact that this is made for a child or the fact that the fake nails made for said child fit my nails! :X

From Anthony:

Bath & Body Works Merry Cookie candles - Hilarious thing about my fiancee: After a trip to the mall and me pointing out things I like, he stayed back and would secretly take pictures of everything I wanted! Smart but sneaky! These candles smell SO yummy!

Forever 21 Studded Tote Bag - Can you tell I'm obsessed with studs? Sigh. It's so beautiful!

E.L.F. Bright Eyeshadow Palette - Probably one of my favorite eyeshadow palettes. The colors are super pigmented and there's so many choices. Everything from bright colors to perfect shades for smokey eyes.

E.L.F. Bright Eyeshadow Palette

Pink Warm & Cozy - I first heard about this through Bethany (MacBarbie07 on YouTube) and immediately had to smell it in stores. I fell in love with it. It really does make you feel warm and cozy.

From my family:

Animal print scarf from Target, purple skull scarf from TJ Maxx - I'm in love with scarves.

Bella Beauty Makeup Sponge Applicator - I have yet to try this but have heard only good things! 

Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette - I think it goes without saying that I needed to have this in my life. I'm pretty obsessed with UD's palettes. I love that all the shadows (minus Venus) are matte and just simply amazing. 

Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette

From friends:
Victoria's Secret Heavenly - SO funny that my friend bought this for me because the same day I tried Warm & Cozy, I smelled this and was like, "I need this and Warm & Cozy." to my fiancee. It smells like vanilla and spices.

Alex & Ani Bracelet with Cupcake charm - How adorable is this bracelet? I love the cupcake charm! I am "Auntie Cupcake" after all ;)

How was everyone's holiday? I'm dying to know what you got! Comment or post on Instagram with the hashtag: #xonoelle so I can see it! xx