Monday, April 29, 2013
Hi angelfaces! Tonight I have for you a review, two eye looks and swatches from the gorgeous Ulta exclusive LORAC GLOGetter Palette. I first saw this palette on a friend's Instagram and just about died - exclusive (total sucker for that) summer palette from LORAC for $20? Yeah, I'm there.

GLOgetter's outer packaging is a metallic turquoise with a gold frame.

The palette itself is a brown reflective plastic palette with a gold frame.

Inside is a full mirror. The palette comes with eight eyeshadows and two base/highlighter shades.

Unfortunately, these shades don't have names. Wahhh. 
  • #1 - Matte red brown.
  • #2 - Shimmery red/brown bronze.
  • #3 - Shimmery peach.
  • #4 - Shimmery turquoise.
  • #5 (base/highlighter) - Matte soft beige.

  • #6 - Shimmery dark periwinkle.
  • #7 - Shimmery gold/purple.
  • #8 - Shimmery gold/light turquoise duochrome. OH-EM-GEE!
  • #9 - Matte eggplant
  • #10 - Shimmery cream (I have no clue why it came out so orange-y in this pic!)



Get the look: #7 on the lid, #9 in the crease, #6 in the inner eye and #8 on the lower lid.

Get the look: #2 on the lid, #1 in the crease, #3 in the inner corner and #4 on the lower lid.

Unfortunately, the pictures kind of washed out the colors but I can assure you that a.) my camera sucks and b.) these colors were very well pigmented and blendable and looked awesome in person :)

Pros: The colors make up a perfect mix for summer - turquoises, golds, oranges, purples; they just scream summer to me. I also love that they threw in some neutrals for the gals who just want a natural eye with a pop of color sometimes. Very well pigmented and blendable with minimal fall out. Honestly, that gold/turquoise shade is enough reason alone to buy this baby. For $20, you really cannot go wrong with this palette. It's everything you'd expect from LORAC and more!

Cons: I'm not sure if this is limited edition or just an ULTA exclusive. Also, there aren't any dark shades. Not that I mind but for anyone who was looking for that, you won't find it in this palette.

Availability: ULTA & Ulta stores. Price: $20.00

Now for the good part: SO, I've heard from a few little birdies that this is pretty hard to find in stores now, but don't fret because I bought an extra one to giveaway! Nifty, eh? 


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