Friday, February 8, 2013
Hello my little snowbunnies! I hope everyone getting hit with Storm Nemo is staying inside nice and toasty! So far in Connecticut, we have a little more than a foot on the ground with plenty more on it's way. While you're snowed in, I shall give you something absolutely gorgeous to look at - Liquid Lacquer Revenge Is So Sweet

Revenge Is So Sweet is a grey jelly with turquoise, blue and magenta hexes of different sizes.

Squee! I've always kept a list of polishes with color combos I'd definitely buy or I'd love to make myself if no one ever made them. This color combo was on that list! The fact that it's a jelly just makes it that much better. Also, I love the name! It reminds me of Pretty Little Liars and we all know how obsessed I am with PLL (Spoby AND Ezria!? C'MON!).

This is three coats of Revenge Is So Sweet. As you can, it's definitely build-able or you can layer it over a solid base. Super smooth formula and absolutely no issues what-so-ever with application. I just absolutely love everything about this!

Availability: Unfortunately, Revenge Is So Sweet is limited edition but you can find more of their amazing polishes at Big Cartel! Make sure to check out Liquid Lacquer on Facebook for updates!