Tuesday, March 5, 2013
Hi loves! Tonight I have for you a some-what new (at least to me) subscription service called Starlooks Starbox! Each month for $15, you'll receive a box worth at least $35 in products. That's pretty freakin' awesome!

This month's box is a special edition by Lauren Clark featuring her favorite Starlook products. Me likey special/limited edition anything basically so I was pretty stoked opening the box and seeing that. 

Speaking of the box, how freakin' adorable is this packaging? A+!

Once you open the box, there's a postcard (think Ipsy) with all the products featured in the box listed on the back.

This box has a retail value of $41 and included:
  • Princess Diaries Eye Liner - A waterproof, smudge-proof pot eyeliner that creates the perfect line. This gorgeous, pearlescent baby-pink can be used as a liner on the top or bottom and also as a creme eyeshadow. (Retails for $15)
  • Barbie Fluid Blush - This gorgeous super-saturated blush tint is perfect for that light, spring glow. (Retails for $15)
  • Pink Oasis Lip Gloss - Gorgeous, sheer, sparkling lavender gloss is perfect alone for a light glisten or on top of a lipstick. (Retails for $11)

The box also comes with a little brochure with some info about Lauren Clark and two how-to's: one for a "Sweet & Innocent" look and one for a "Sultry & Smokey" look using the products in the box!

Onto the products! Each product was full-size. Another A+ in my book!

Lip Liner in Tipsy Buy
This wasn't on the postcard so I'm assuming this was bonus. Tipsy is a bright coral-pink. I'm so in love with this lipliner, it's not even funny. My mom was going through the box and was like, "I want this." Too bad, madre. Minesies! Super smooth application. I'm still trying to figure out what lipstick matches this. Any ideas? (Eek! Sorry for the "after" picture. I forgot to take one before I used it!)

HD Fluid Blush in Barbie Buy
I was afraid of this blush. First off, I've never used a liquid blush and was super intimidated. Secondly, the name of the blush describes this color to the tee. It in the perfect baby pink. Upon using, I learned a tiny bit goes a very long way! This comes out very thick (even thicker than foundation). All of that being said, if you use a careful hand and a little bit, you can create a really pretty pink-y glow that's perfect for Spring.

Infinity Pot Liner (Satin) in Princess Diaries - Buy
Thank goodness I'm a pink freak. This box was made for me. I wasn't sure how to wear this "liner" at first so I tried a whole bunch of different ways. There's lots of options: as a creme eyeshadow on the lid, as a highlight in the inner corner, as a liner...etc. I really liked them all and love how versatile this is. Very smooth and not flakey through the day.

Lipgloss in Pink Oasis Buy
"A lavender lipgloss? LAVENDER!? How am I supposed to work that?" Do not fear, it's not really that lavender on your lips. As you can see from the swatches below, it's basically a darkened pink with loads of shimmer in it. But not the tacky shimmer, it's pretty, I promise. I was surprised that this lipgloss wasn't as sticky as I thought it would be.

L-R: Barbie Blush, Tipsy Lip Liner, Pink Oasis Lip Gloss and Princess Diaries Eye Liner
(This is where I found out less is more with the blush)

Tipsy Liner with Pink Oasis Lip Gloss

Eyes: Princess Diaries on top, purple from Wet N' Wild Drink A Glass of Shine Palette on bottom
Lips: Tipsy Liner and Pink Oasis Lip Gloss
Cheeks: NYC Sunny Bronzer and Barbie Blush

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* Products in this post were provided to me by the manufacturer or their PR company for an honest review!