Monday, April 15, 2013
Hi loves! Starlooks was kind enough to send me another box to review! I'm a bit late since this is their March Starbox, but so much has been going on lately, I've been a little behind. Sowee guys!

For those who haven't seen my last review, Starlooks Starbox is a monthly subscription service that sends out about four items of their own cosmetics every month. 

I love their boxes! They're so put together and always seem to reflect with theme.

Every month they send out a little postcard (kind of like Ipsy) with their package.

Lipstick in Flutter - $11
Formulated to shade, define, and style your perfect lip. This ultra smooth formulation applies and blends effortlessly. True vibrant colors with hydration. 

Flutter is a rusty red lipstick with gold flecks. I'll admit it. I was shocked when I saw this color. Like, how the heck can I pull this off? Flutter is actually pretty wearable. For a more natural look, I recommend dabbing the lipstick on with your fingers.

Eyeshadow in Disarray - $9
Richly pigmented eye shadows that glide on smoothly for dazzling eyes in matte, frost, and shimmer finish.
There's a first for everything! I've never tried a navy eyeshadow before this one. This eyeshadow is in a matte finish (which I love) and the color payoff is pretty good if you use a primer under it. It didn't seem to fade or crease on me. This eyeshadow is the teensiest bit of shimmer in it. 

(Excuse the unruly eyebrows!)

Lengthening Mascara - $15
Starlooks "Lengthening Mascara" has a HUGE, fluffy, tree-shaped applicator that allows for NO clumping, and is formulated with our rich, black "kohl" pigment to allow the blackest, smoothest lashes possible. This Mascara creates the Starlooks Signature, feather-like lash, lengthened to the fullest. Expect longer lashes, and (with two or 3 coats) the base of the lash will thicken by 50%!
I was explaining this mascara to a friend and referred to it's size and weight to be comparable to a little flashlight! Holy crap. This could definitely be used as a weapon, ladies. That being said, I'm really digging this. Does it lengthen? Yep. Does it clump? Nope. So basically, it's everything I'm looking for in a mascara. I would definitely say this is in my top 5 favorite mascaras ever!

This picture gives no justice to just how big that applicator is.

Lip Sugar in Vanilla - $2
As an added bonus, Starlooks threw in their new all natural Lip Sugar! I've been really lovin' lip sugars since winter has left me with dry and chapped lips. For whatever reason, chapstick just hasn't been cutting it. Anyway, the flavor is vanilla and it's amazing! Unfortunately, this seems to be a Starbox exclusive!

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* Products in this post were provided to me by the manufacturer or their PR company for an honest review!