Friday, August 30, 2013
Hello butterflies! You know what time it is. Yup, my August favorites. How is August already over? I feel like it just started. This month I turned 25 (EEK!), made some progress on the house we're purchasing (longest. story. ever.) and am celebrating our five year anniversary with my fiance tomorrow.

I feel like this month was the "Return of Past Favorites" mixed with some new stuff. I think that whenever I'm transitioning into a new season, I stop trying new things and I'll just keep wearing my favorite stuff from the previous season. Does that make sense?

True or False Lashes in Monroe
So last month, True or False was having a sale where you could buy up to four boxes of their new lashes "Monroe" for free, just pay shipping (Just checked and the deal is STILL currently going on!) Needless to say, I was all over that, for just the deal alone and hey, trying out new lashes was an added plus. I ended up absolutely loving these lashes! These are very va-va-voom and in yo face type of lashes - just like Marilyn would have them!

MAC Heaux
If the name alone doesn't make you go run out and buy it, I don't know what will. I kid. But I think everyone saw that this was going to be in my favorites. I gave it a pretty glowing review, if I do say so myself. This lipstick really just embodies everything I could ever want: a deep red (but no too goth), matte (but not super drying) and leaves a nice little stain. Oh, and my gurl RiRi collaborated with MAC to make it. No big deal.

MAC Soft Matte Lip Cream in Milan
I'm almost positive this was in a favorites post a few month's back and it's stuck around since. I really don't know how to describe this other than that it goes on like a lipgloss but appears as a matte lipstick. MIND BLOWN.

Maybelline Telescopic Shocking Extensions Mascara
I know 100% for a fact this has been in a few favorites posts. I can't seem to find anything better. It lengthens, volumizes and doesn't clump? LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Sigma Beauty Performance Eyes Kit + E20 Short Shader
Talk about absolute life-changing. As someone who is still a beginner (at some things) it the beauty world, nothing is more frustrating than trying something out and not having the right tools to make it work. My biggest issue with eyeshadows is that even with the most pigmented ones, using a not-so-great quality brush would make them not blend well, not pick up enough of the eyeshadow, etc. and it was extremely frustrating. These brushes totally ended that frustration. Each one does its job so well. They make blending easy peasy. They pick up product. They're just so awesome and I can't rave about them enough!

KB Shimmer Excuse Me, I Blurped, You Go Ghoul! & LCN Hot Chili
For swatches of the KB Shimmer polishes, check out my review here! I loved these two and can't wait to rock them for fall. I also reviewed LCN Hot Chili (and the rest of the collection) here and will let the swatches speak for themselves. Ay papi!

Bath & Body Works Sexy Dahlia Rush Body Spray
Oh my goodness, guys! I picked this during one of B&BW's sales and died because it smelled so good. Description says it smells like wild dahlia and black jasmine wrapped in velvet plum and I feel like there's some apple top notes or something in there.

Bath & Body Works Mahogany Teakwood
Yes, I've had this in my favorites before. Yes, it smells exactly like Abercrombie & Fitch. Yes, I love that smell. It reminds me of fall and back to school shopping so much. Thank you to my friend, Nicole for getting this for me for my birthday :)

Charlotte Russe Spike Necklace
Let's all just sit and stare at this necklace. I am so in love with it. I wore it for my birthday and received so many compliments. It's edgy with the studs, yet girly with the big pink stone. 

Favorite Vloggers / Bloggers:
I cannot stop watching these three!

Favorite Songs:
Berzerk - Eminem
We Can't Stop - Miley Cyrus
That's My Kind of Night - Luke Bryan
Take Back The Night - Justin Timberlake

What were your favorites this month?