Monday, August 12, 2013
Hi dolls! So a few weeks ago, Sigma Beauty had a crazy 20% off sale going on and I decided this was the perfect time to go cray cray and buy a few things I always wanted to try out!

So I ended up getting the Sigma Beauty Limited Edition Resort Palette, Limited Edition Paris Palette, the Performance Eyes Kit and the E20 Short Shader brush. Let's check them out!

Limited Edition Resort Palette
I have been dying for this palette since it came out earlier this summer. The colors in this palette seem to be perfect for summer time and are very bright but totally wearable. I don't think I would've even thought about purchasing this palette if it wasn't for LollyDolly28 and Casey Holmes rockin' amazing eyes with this. 

Limited Edition Resort Palette

Limited Edition Resort Palette

Neela & Midori
Really? Like, how beautiful are these two colors?

Luna & Topaz
Quick swatches show Topaz being extremely pigmented and Luna being amazing for an inner corner of the eye highlight.

Muse & Fawn
Every summer palette needs some beautiful neutrals!

I really like that they added a summer-appropriate blush to this. The color is ah-mazing!

Luminesce Liquid Highlighter & Dual Eyeliner in Daydream and Earth Goddess
I couldn't ask for more in this palette. 8 eyeshadows, one blush, a highlighter AND (technically) two eyeliners!? DEADY DEAD DEAD. 

Swatches of Daydream, Earth Goddess & Luminesce
KILL-ER, guys. These eye pencils are out of this world. So pigmented and creamy. I'm a tid bit nervous of this hightlight (Hi, I'm pale and gold may not work for me as a highlighter) but I'm excited to find some way to work this.

Sigma Beauty Performance Eyes Kit
After hearing nothing but rave reviews about their brushes, I knew I had to try them. I chose the Performance Eyes Kit (although it was a toss up between this and the Mr. Bunny Kit). The kit includes eight high quality brushes that range from an eye liner brush to blending brushes to crease brushes. It's everything I could ask and more for an eye kit. The brushes are SUPER soft and it feels like I'm rubbing nice, soft, hair pillows on my eyes (weirdest analogy award goes to...). I'M USED TO SCRATCHY BRUSHES OK!?
Performance Eyes Kit

Wee! A fun picture to show you which brush is which.

Sigma Beauty Limited Edition Paris Palette
Truth? I have no clue what made me buy this. Probably that damn "limited edition" tag again. It was a total whim and THANK GOODNESS because this palette is heaven. What I really like about this was that seven beauty gurus on YouTube came up with this palette - everything from the packaging to the brushes! Each one had a monument to get inspiration from to make their eyeshadow. 

Eiffel & Seine
Excuse Eiffel's surroundings. It looks like some of the edges of the eyeshadow broke off and it was EVERYWHERE. Also, Eiffel is EXTREMELY pigmented. Like, holy crap pigmented. Eiffel developed by MakeupbyTiffanyD / Seine developed by all the beauty vloggers.

Louvre & Orsay
Sweet niblets. I haven't swatches these yet and I'm so afraid Louvre is going to be chalky but the color is beautiful. Louvre by Petrilude / Orsay by MACNC40.

Elysees & Notre Dame
Yay for some gorgeous purples! Elysees by DulceCandy87 / Notre Dame by xteeener.

Triomphe & Versailles
JAW. DROP. Just look at these two. Do you guys see the duochrome in Triomphe? Triomphe by frmheadtotoe / Versailles by xsparkage.

Rouge, Peche & Lumiere Blushes/Highlighter, Large Angled Contour Brush & Eye Shading Brush
Another full circle palette. I love how much this includes into it and the Paris theme flows through. I have yet to try these blushes but I really like how they seem to be universal.

So how much did I save? Total I would've paid with no discount? $179.55 and total I paid with discount? $147.15 - Cha-ching! $32 saved! I'm so thrilled with everything I've purchased and can't wait to put up full reviews of these palettes and brushes!

Anyone else buy anything from the Sigma sale? Anyone have these palettes? What do you think?

Website: Sigma Beauty