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My Favorite Halloween Tutorials!

Happy Halloween, lovebugs! Still stuck on what to wear tonight? Or better yet, be like me and have a costume and makeup all set but can't settle on how to do my nails. Or maybe you want to change up your makeup. Either way, I've put together some of my favorite Halloween tutorials for makeup and nails for you! Check 'em out :)

Nicole Guerriero - Sweet Sugar Skull

MacBarbie07 - Despicable Me Minion

Julia Graf - Vampire

CoffeeBreakWithDani - Frida Kahlo

Shaaanxo - Pop Art

ChrisspyMakeup - Lady Frankenstein

MadeYewLook - Voodoo Doll
Note: Do not start watching her videos if you don't have like, a week to spare. ADDICTING is an understatement. She's amazing!

Promise Phan - Skeleton

KissableComplexions - Mermaids & Fairies
(Picture courtesy of Perrywinkle Photography)

Chalkboard Nails - Over Top Eyeballs Tutorial
(Picture courtesy of Chalkboard Nails)

ChristyRose84 - Blood Splatter Tutorial

One Nail To Rule Them All - Pumpkin Tutorial
(Picture courtesy of ONTRTA)

The Lacquerologist - Sally Tutorial
(Picture courtesy of The Lacquerologist)

They're amazing, aren't they? I hope they helped. Have a safe and awesome Halloween! Also, post your Halloween pictures on my Facebook page - I would love to see them and feature my faves!


  1. Great pics! This was my first Halloween as a member of the YouTube beauty community, and I was amazed with the tutorials!

  2. These are some fun Halloween looks!

  3. Wow some of that make-up is crazy! People are so talented! And thanks for including me in the nails portion! <3


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