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Scratch Roppongi Glam Nail Wraps - Review

Hi loves! It's November. Holy cow. This year is flying by so fast! My November favorites will be up later today but for now, I need to show you guys the coolest nail wraps I've ever had to pleasure of reviewing! Scratch was nice enough to send me their Roppongi Glam wraps designed by Britney Tokyo and oh em gee, guys, these are amazing! Let's check them out!

(I apologize for the crappy iPhone pictures but I was DYING to wear these for Halloween and my camera was dead, blah, blah, blah.)

The Roppongi Glam wraps are clear so I layered it over OPI Mod About You. This set came with 16 nail wraps (8 for each hand with varying sizes), a small nail file and a cuticle stick.

 Close up on the thumb! How cute!

These wraps were SO easy to put on. Hands down the easiest and most accurate wraps I've ever used. Have you guys ever used a wrap/sticker and then when you go to break off the excess, it rips or leaves jagged edges? Not this one! 

All I had to do was find the wrap the best fit my nail by matching the wrap to the round shape of my cuticle. Then taking off the two pieces of plastic on the wrap, I placed the wrap on my nail and smoothed it out. I then folded the excess down and pinched it off. No jagged edges! It formed perfectly. Huzzah! Repeat for both hands and seal with top coat!

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  1. OK....I am seriously impressed. I usually can't do nail wraps...the ragged edges and mis-fit to my nails makes me hate them, even when the designs are pretty, but THIS IS AWESOME! Never in 100 years would I have guessed these were even wraps! Awesome review!

  2. I love these, they look stunning and really unique! I agree with Emily, they really do not look like wraps!

  3. They look fantastic! I definitely need to check these out!

  4. These fit so well. I love the design on them and I certainly need to check these out.

  5. I love these! They look wonderful on you!


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