Tuesday, November 26, 2013
Hi lovebugs! Yup, it's definitely that time of year. As much as I say Halloween is my favorite holiday, Christmas is a close second and nothing gets me quite excited as holiday collections rolling out.

The first to hit my house is the LCN Homecoming Collection bringing the warmth of cozy knit sweaters, cups of hot cocoa and laughter of loves ones all to our fingertips.

LCN Homecoming Collection

 Knitting Wool - a pale yellowy cream
This is such a gorgeous color that I surprisingly don't have in my nail polish collection. Unfortunately, I experienced some streaking with this as you can see in the picture. Next time, I think I'll try a thin first layer, let dry and then a thicker second layer and see if that helps.

Chocolate Fudge - a deliciously rich dark chocolate
This is so, so yummy! I'm sure I have something like this but not with as great of a formula as this one. No streaking or bubbling here!

Home Sweet Home - a dark inky blue
I love a good navy blue for the winter. Honestly, the color is nothing special but the formula is what makes it a keeper! 

 Berry Punch - a warm plum
This is hands down my favorite out of the bunch. Sure, it's a warm plum but it's so multi-faceted with purple shimmer in it. Formula was perfect and this could've been a one coater but I always have to do two just in case.

Overall: This collection is so holiday appropriate! I like that this wasn't your typical blues or greens and reds thrown together. The creamy pale yellow is an unexpected surprise; I only wish it wasn't so streaky! My two faves were Home Sweet Home and Berry Punch. What are yours?

LCN - Shop | Pinterest | Tumblr | Twitter | Facebook | Price: $7.50 each or $24.90 for quad