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OCC Lip Tar All Star Mini x 4 Set - Swatches & Review

Hi beautiful! So I had this review all planned out for Wednesday but then my camera died. Whomp, whomp, whomp. So today I have a review for you on my other purchase from Sephora: the OCC Lip Tar All Star Mini x 4 Set, a holiday exclusive to Sephora! 

The set comes in this really cute (and handy) plastic pouch! Perfect for on-the-go!

The OCC Lip Tar All Star Mini x 4 Set comes with four mini lip tars of their most popular shades - Memento, NSFW, Anime and Black Dahlia - plus a short handler precision lip brush. It retails for $20 but has a value of $34. This is perfect for someone who's wanted to try Lip Tars but couldn't settle on which one (IE: me!). Besides being cruelty-free and vegan, they contain organic peppermint, hemp oils and vitamin E.

First up is Memento, a pink/plum neutral. This is definitely going to be my go-to nude lip from now on. As much as I love the pale nude lip, I think this is more flattering.

NSFW is a true, balanced red. 
I would describe this as basically candy apple coating for your lips in the best way possible. It's just the perfect, most flattering red I've come across.

Anime is a vibrant neon pink. 
Unfortunately, I had some bleeding with this but it didn't bother me. Honestly, I wouldn't have even noticed if it weren't for macro. This is a HOT pink. My camera couldn't even catch how neon it really is.

Black Dahlia is a blackened red. 
Again, there was some slight bleeding into the lines above my lips but wasn't noticeable in person. I absolutely loved this color. If this isn't "fall", I don't know what is. It's so gorgeous!

Overall, I LOVED these little guys and highly recommend buying this set if you have yet to try OCC Lip Tars or just can't settle on one. These are highly pigmented and a little (and I mean LITTLE) goes a long way. I used about half a pea sized amount and that was more enough. I loved the precision brush and recommend using it to apply Lip Tars with (I really don't see another way). After swatching these, I did read on the back that you should prep your lips with "Clear" Lip Tar (or a super thick clear lipgloss which I didn't have) for best application. I completely agree with that and think that would've ex-nayed the bleeding. You live and learn!

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  1. Thanks for the great review! These look so nice on you!

  2. These are all GORGEOUS on you! I really LOVE Memento and NSFW

  3. These shades are all so CLASSIC! Love them all on you!


  5. I love these. The color lasts forever!!! Black Dahlia is my fave!

  6. Black dahlia is indeed the perfect shade for fall.
    Aren't macro pictures just the worst Lol.
    Things you dont see in person are so visible in macro
    But lovely swatches nonetheless.

  7. Black dahlia is gorgeous, love it!

  8. Omgoodness! Those are the prettiest!

  9. these look so pretty! would you say that the red is more blue toned or yellow toned?


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