Monday, November 11, 2013
Hey lovebugs! So for those who don't know: I've been chosen as a Rite Aid Insider! I'll be working with Rite Aid being one of the voices to the beauty community to keep you informed of new products and promotions for the next year. I think it's safe to say I'm over the moon excited for this opportunity (I mean, I've posted it on every single social media platform I have). This weekend we were sent to New York City for the Rite Aid Kick Off Event and it was AH-MAZING! Naturally, I took a bajillion pictures...

We started off the weekend with Friday night cocktails and dinner with Rite Aid, MARC USA and all the bloggers. GUYS - I had my own name place with my blog name and everything! Ahhh, so exciting! On the right is the outfit I wore. All Charlotte Russe minus the Vera Wang shoes. Dinner was delicious and the company was great!

I was ready for bed but Anthony had other plans and dragged me out so he could get food. New York is nuts at night and every food place he wanted to go to had a huge line. It's such a crazy atmosphere. I, on the other hand, made friends with some of the locals ;) Seriously, the nicest/funniest policemen I EVER met! Thanks guys!

Saturday, we had meetings all day! I had no idea what to expect working with such a huge company like this. Rite Aid's mission is to improve the health and wellness of their customers but they don't stop at just carrying medicine and filling your prescription; they want to make the quality of your life better and empower you in managing yourself and your family's well-being. I was so overcome by how absolutely genuine they were about how much they truly care about their customers. I have such a positive outlook into this partnership and can't wait to start, guys!

Meanwhile, back the room, a swag bag was delivered, filled with goodies from Rite Aid. By the time I got it, Ant already dug into some of the stuff. Thank you MARC USA & Rite Aid!

In the afternoon, we got to see a newly renovated Rite Aid Wellness store and holy cow, guys, it was gorgeous!

Are you ready for this?! THIS is their beauty section! It's SO pretty and clean. My jaw literally dropped and I stood dazed for a while. 

Rite Aid recently started adding more premium brands to their Wellness stores including Senna Cosmetics, Alison Raffaele Cosmetics, Beautyblender and Eddie Funkhouser

Does this not look like some upscale beauty store? Talk about being blown away!

Another thing that makes Rite Aid's Beauty Vision area unique is that they have their own  Beauty Vision Advisors. They're exclusive to Rite Aid Wellness stores and they can assist, educate and demonstrate to customers that come in and need help or have questions pertaining to beauty. How amazing is that? Our beauty advisor, Bonnielee was amazing and even has her own beauty blog, The Vegan Stylista!

Last but certainly not least, we can't forget their new nail bar filled with Essie, Julie G. and more!

And here we are! All the bloggers together! L-R: Me (duh!), Vanessa (The Bombshell Suite), Dusty (As Mom Sees It), Mandy (Life Songs of a Busy Mom), Aprill (Glitter Gloss Garbage), Kia (Killer Lipgloss) and Alison in the front (Being Alison).

 Getting ready for Pampano's!

Pampano's was SO good! I had Arugula salad with almonds, cranberries, mandarins and a delish dressing! I forgot to take a picture of my entree and our drinks that we had. One was a pumpkin margarita and another was a spiced cranberry mojito. Then we finished off with cappuccinos and chocolate flan. SO yummy!

Then it was time part ways so I had to take a billion pictures with everyone ;) I had such a blast and great time meeting everyone. Thank you again to MARC USA & Rite Aid for putting this together. I can't wait to see what the next year holds in store!

Mandy, Dusty, Vanessa & me!

 Kia & I | Julie from MARC USA, myself & Heather from MARC USA | Myself with Craig from Rite Aid
Karin from Rite Aid & Myself | Myself & Dempsey from MARC USA

The infamous robe from Westin! This robe was SOOOOOO comfy!

Sunday before we left to head home, I met Morgan Freeman (kidding, kidding - it's wax!) and walked around the city.

Before we left, we HAD to stop at Crumbs Bakery! I got a Nutella cupcake. TO DIE FOR!

So that was my New York trip! I had such a blast and can't wait for what's in store working with Rite Aid in the upcoming year. What's your favorite place in New York to visit? PS. Of course I shopped in NY at Rite Aid & Sephora and will have reviews on the products I bought up soon! :)