Tuesday, December 17, 2013
Good morning! Today I have for you some loose eyeshadow pigments from Daily Lovelies - a handmade eyeshadow pigment indie company based in Seattle, run by the lovely Maggy! Maggy decided to fuse together her love of color, design and nerdiness and came up with The Daily Lacquer - a nail polish that everyone could enjoy and has since branched out to eyeshadows, lip balms and more. I was lucky enough to be sent some of her ELF inspired and a couple of other pigments to check out - just in time for Christmas! 

How adorable is the packaging? 

Daily Shadows in For That Someone Special, Cotton-Headed Ninny Muggins and Son Of A Nutcracker
(Not pictured but received in baggies: Chibi Moon and Who'd Want Me As A Flatmate?)

 From left to right:
  • For That Someone Special - is a diamond white mica with red and green sparkles inspired by when Buddy the Elf goes to get lingerie for his naughty list father. Ah, sparkles! What a love/hate relationship. I love the look, but hate that they get everywhere. I had a huge issue with crazy fall out (as you can see in the swatch) and recommend applying this with a damp brush to reduce fall out.
  • Cotton-Headed Ninny Muggins - is a pearl purple filled with colorful sparkles. I would call this a light periwinkle. I had such a better time with this pigment! Way more dense and pigmented than FTSOS and the color is stunning and almost iridescent. Smooth and blendable.
  • Son Of A Nutcracker - is a simple glittery red. The name! GUYS, I say this all the time. No joke. Like, all year round. The pigment was gorgeous albeit I had a teensy issue again with glitter fall out. Smooth. 
  • Who'd Want Me For A Flatmate?  - is a Dr. Who inspired charcoal shadow with rainbow sprinkles. STUN-NING! I don't know where to begin. Super pigmented and what I love the most is that when blended, the sparkles don't disappear like some sparkly shadows do. No fall out issues here. 
  • Chibi Moon - is a Sailor Moon inspired petunia pink with gold sparkles. Very pretty and smooth but had a little fall out issue. 

This picture does no justice to Who'd Want Me For A Flatmate? Seriously. My camera washes out all the sparkles but it's gorgeous!

Overall, there were some winners and some I didn't like too much! I think with every loose sparkly eyeshadow pigment, there's going to be somewhat of a fall out issue - it just depends if you can deal it with or not. My favorites, hands down, were Cotton-Headed Ninny Muggins and Who'd Want Me For A Flatmate? because of their pigmentation.

* Most pigments from Daily Lovelies are approved to be used near the eyes, lips and face. Please check the site before use.

Daily Lovelies: Shop | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram
Price: Full size jar (1/2 TBS) - $6.50 | Cutie Sized Jar (1/4 TSP) - $2.50