Monday, December 2, 2013
Hello gorgeous and happy December 1st! Longest title ever, btw. If you guys can remember back when I talked about my trip to NYC with Rite Aid (believe me, I sometimes have a hard time remembering what I ate this morning), I mentioned that Rite Aid was introducing some new beauty brands to the mix. One of the companies is Eddie Funkhouser. Seriously. How fun is his name? Can we switch? Ahem.

Eddie Funkhouser is a makeup artist, beauty spokesperson and expert product developer known for his electric front-and-center, rocker persona. 

Eddie Funkhouser Hyperreal Eye Color Palette in Girls on Films

Eddie Funkhouser Hyperreal Eye Color Palette in Girls on Films
I really like this palette because it has four colors that I would've never tried out together or even thought they would work together (hello bright matte purple!) but totally do. Each is pretty pigmented by itself but I used a light layer of white (NYX Eye Crayon in Milk) all over my lid to really get those colors to pop. Each one is silky smooth and easy to blend. I did get a little fall out from Freeze Frame but the other three were fantastic!

(L-R) - Freeze Frame - pewter with silver shimmer
Snap Shot - bright purple matte
Video Star - pearlescent cornflower blue
Screen Test - shimmering maroon

Lid - Video Star | Outer Lid - Freeze Frame | Bottom Lash - Snap Shot | Outer Bottom Lash - Screen Test
(Unfortunately, my camera washes out the color. Thanks, camera!)

Eddie Funkhouser Luxlight Illuminator in Candlelight
Second up is the Luxlight Illuminator - a luminous, skin-enhancing and highlighting pen. I got the shade Candlelight which is a luminous bronzey glow with cool undertone. I feel like this illuminator is probably better suited for someone with a tan or darker toned skin. As someone with pale skin, this appeared almost too bronze and almost orangey, even when blended out. That aside, this was definitely illuminzing and never dried out or flaked. 

 Eddie Funkhouser Luxlight Illuminator in Candlelight

Eddie Funkhouser Quattro Variable Lash Mascara 
Squee! The idea behind this mascara is pretty freakin' cool. There's a dial on the top of the mascara with four settings. Each setting "twists" the mascara wand more and more. Awesome, right?

Setting one is a normal wand with slightly spread bristles used to enhance and accentuate lashes while leaving them looking natural. Setting two separates lashes creating fullness and volume. Setting three separates lashes for extra fullness and volume. Setting four creates maximum length, separation and definition. There's really no wrong way to use this. You can start with setting one and go straight to four and vice versa. Just make sure to allow the first coat to throughly dry before additional coats.

For me, the first and second settings were amazing! They lengthened and volumized with no clumping whatsoever. The third was a little rough and started to clump but honestly, I'd still rock it. The fourth however was no bueno. It clumped up like crazy! I'm still going to keep playing around with this and see what works for me. 

Eddie Funkhouser Hyperreal Nourishing Lip Color in Rumor
Oh my goodness. This lipstick is amazing! Rumor is a nice, deep black cherry. It's super pigmented and creamy yet extremely hydrating. In fact, I think this is one of the most hydrating lipsticks I've come across. And the wear time? About 8 hours. Holy Toledo! It contains Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Mango Fruit Extract and Portulaca Pilosa Flower Extract.

Eddie Funkhouser Hyperreal Nourishing Lip Color in Rumor
(Excuse my blemish that I tried to blur out and failed!)

PS. I love the box that the make up came in! Thanks, Eddie!

Eddie Funkhouser FaceBook | Twitter | Site  - Available in some Rite Aid stores now!