Thursday, February 13, 2014
Hi dolls! Have you been to LUSH recently? January 27th they released their new Valentine's Day Collection and they do NOT disappoint! There is nothing that makes me love a holiday more then when a company goes all out on their holiday-themed products - I'm talking packaging, scents, everything! LUSH is definitely one of those companies that goes above and beyond.

LUSH has come out with six limited edition products and three gift boxes that are sure to win your heart over! 

Neon Love Soap ($6.95)
This soap is what dreams are made of. Yummy, cinnamon cookie scented dreams. It includes bergamont, rosewood oil (harvested from the Amazon), cinnamon leaf, passion fruit juice and soya yogurt to nourish and cleanse your body. This soap was inspired by a public art project called 12 Months of Neon Love. I love a soap with a story behind it! If you cut this soap in half, inside are smaller hearts! This left my body feeling so smooth and nourished. I loved it!

Prince Charming Shower Gel ($9.95-$29.95)
Who needs a boyfriend when you have this? With pomegranate, grapefruit oil, vanilla, marshmallow root and almond oil, this smells exactly like you think they would - absolutely delicious with a fun mix of fruity and sweet. I think it's safe to say I'm going to need to run out and grab some back up after this left my skin feeling soft and yummy-smelling.

How to use. Y'know. Just in case you forgot ;)

The Kiss Lip Gloss ($9.25)
The Kiss is a lovely whipped gloss filled with shea, cupuacu, organic mandarin oils, agave syrup and guaurana seed powder to leave your lips feeling plump, soft and nourished. I also love that this has a subtle shimmer and gloss to it that I had no idea it had until I put it on. Loves it!

Love Locket Bath Bomb ($10.95)
Last, but certainly not least: the Love Locket! Right off the bat I have to tell you guys, this bomb is HUGE! Way bigger then any bath bomb I've ever used. You can use this three different times: break it in half for two different occasions and then (THEN!) there's a third heart inside for another time to use it. AH-MA-ZING! I also love that that pink outer layer of the heart has speckled paper hearts inside that float out on top of the water to create a super romantic bath! The middle heart releases shiny red hearts when put in water. Mixed with the hearts, pink water and scented with vanilla, jasmine and neroli oils, this bath bomb is guaranteed to give you a bath you'll never forget.

By themselves or putting them all together in a basket is sure to be the perfect Valentine's Day gift for your special someone! Which one are you dying to try?

Buy - LUSH online or in stores!