Tuesday, April 22, 2014
Hi loves! I recently received some amazing news I wanted to share right away. Rite Aid will be involved in the 2014 EIF Revlon Run/Walk in the New York (May 3rd) and Los Angeles (May 10th) events. As part of their support of EIF's mission to raise funds to fight women's cancers, Rite Aid recently worked with Revlon to develop the Rite Aid & Revlon's Your Story - Your Shade Contest where customers were encouraged to honor someone affected by women's cancer by entering their story and naming a shade on the Rite Aid's FB page. Two winners were selected and their winning shades are now being sold exclusively at Rite Aid until the end of May.

Their grand prize winner, Jill named her shade "Diamond Dee" after her mother. Here's her heart-touching story:

"In 2003, my Mom was diagnosed with cancer and I was 29 at the time. By the time they discovered it, the cancer had spread. I was with her every moment; she had overcome so much in her life! In the end she was full of love, always giving to those in need! Even today, I still use her saying, "If I have two and you have none, then you'll have hen one and I'll have one!" My mom's nickname when I was like girl was Diamond Dee! I miss her so and every day I strive to be even half the mother she was! She will always be my Diamond Dee."

Diamond Dee is a pearlescent pink. 
Formula was nice and smooth but a bit sheer. About 3-4 coats will bring it up to full opacity. I really loved the darker pink pearlescent shimmer that camera naturally couldn't pick up (my camera and I totally got into a fight over this).

Pretty In Strength is a fun hot pink.
Formula was like working with butter - smooth, easy to apply and dare I say - a one coater! This color is so fun and bright. I expect to see this on a lot of nails come summer! This does dry slightly more red than the color in the bottle so keep that in mind. 

Revlon Quicky Dry Top Coat | Quick Dry Base Coat
I've already used the Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat before. It does dry in about a minute to two minutes but honestly, it's no HK Girl. This is a great drugstore alternative though that really does dry fast. The Quick Dry Base Coat is fab. It goes on slightly milky and dries pretty fast as well. I haven't noticed any staining when I've used this as a base.

Speaking of staining, I wish I used that base coat over the weekend! My nails are currently stained a lovely shade of blue so unfortunately, I swatched on fake nails. I absolutely hate doing this but I wanted to show y'all the true colors rather than the color + a blue tint!

Swatches: Diamond Dee over Pretty In Strength | Diamond Dee | Pretty In Strength (slighty more pink in person)

Giveaway Time!

Revlon and Rite Aid were awesome enough to send over another package containing:
- Diamond Dee
- Pretty In Strength
- Quick Dry Base Coat 
- Quick Dry Top Coat 
for one of my readers to win! 

To enter to win simply leave a comment letting me know who your hero is! April 29, 2014 I'll pick a winner!

*These were sent with me to review from Revlon/Rite Aid. Winner of the giveaway will receive brand new polishes!