Monday, May 5, 2014
Back again with the hotter-toned palette to the Kat Von D Chrysalis Palette - the Kat Von D Monarch Palette! I don't know which one I love more! Check out the Chrysalis Palette from a few days ago and this palette and let me know in the comments which one you'd rock more.

The Kat Von D Monarch Palette is a warm-toned eyeshadow palette with a stunning composition of - three large base shades and nine transformative accent hues - for a wide spectrum of stunning eye looks. The eyeshadows are triple-milled for a soft, dense shadow that is easy to blend and apply. The eyeshadow formula includes an infusion of antioxidants like rose extract, vitamins A, C and E to keep your eyelids hydrated and protected.

The packaging, again, is gorgeous. It fits the theme of "Monarch" with the butterfly on the front as well as using Monarch butterfly colors. Kat still keeps it Kat looking with the skulls in the wings. So badass. I'm still bummed that these are hard cardboard instead of the usual tin palette but they are sturdy. The inside contains a nice, long mirror.

 Kat Von D Monarch Palette

Kat Von D Monarch Palette

Kat Von D Monarch Palette (back)

  • Emptology -  is described as a matte cream. More of a yellow-toned cream. It was nicely pigmented but a bit on the powdery side.
  • Wrath -  is described as a deep pearl orange. I would describe it as more of a orange-copper wth shimmer. Gorgeously pigmented and soft.
  • Papilio -  is described as a pearl chocolate. Sweet mamajama! So soft and buttery to the touch with gorgeous color pay off.
  • Summerfly -  is described as a gold glitter. Awesome color pay off. No glitter fall out.
  • Telepathy -  is described as a pearl gold. Totally looks silver in the packaging but as soon as you swatch/wear it it has a gold duochrome effect to it. So rich and buttery with awesome pigmentation.
  • Killing Jar - is described as a pearl copper. I would call it a metallic light, rose gold. Beautiful pigmentation albeit a teensy bit drier than the other shades.
  • Delaney - is described as a pearl silver. I would describe it as a brown-toned pewter. One of the most stunning shades in this palette, for sure. Awesome color pay off and super buttery.
  • Vanish - is described as a medium taupe. I absolutely love that Kat put a nice, soft, light brown in both palettes (with different undertones - of course!) because they work as the best transition crease shades. Super easy to blend with and awesome color pay off.
  • Tiny Death - is described as a cream glitter. This was a little meh for me. The glitter is beautiful but doesn't show up on the eye much. Such a bummer!
  • Disintegration - is described as a pearl brown. I'd say that's head on plus some bronze glitter in there. What a dream to work with. Super finely-milled and awesome pigmentation.
  • Shadowbox - is described as a matte chocolate. Great color pay off on the eye but to swatch it seemed a bit dry. Go figure! 
  • Deadhead - is described as a matte black. It's so hard to find a fab opaque matte black. This was a bit dry to work with but the pigmentation was alright.
Swatches of: Entomology, Wrath, Papilio and Summerfly

Swatches of: Telepathy, Killing Jar, Delaney and Vanish

Swatches of: Tiny Death, Disintegration, Shadow Box and Deadhead

Lid: Wrath | Outer Lid: Disintegration | Outer V: Shadow Box | Inner Corner: Summerfly | Crease: Vanish | Lower Lid: Delaney into Disintegration into Deadhead | Brow Highlight: Telepathy

Overall: I can't decide which palette I love more! Kat always knocks it out of the park with presentation and quality which, to me, makes the perfect product every time. My absolute favorite shades had to be Wrath, Telepathy and Disintegration. What are yours?

Where to buy: Sephora | Price: $46
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