Saturday, May 31, 2014
Guys. I don't know what it is about this collection, but it makes me feel like a mermaid. Maybe it's the "water droplets" on the teal metallic packaging (but holy fingerprints galore!) or the mermaid-inspired names of the products but I'm SO hooked. Pun kind of intended. It just slipped.

PS. I decided to split this collection into two reviews: the lipsticks (and lipglass) and then a review with the bronzer and blush. So let's make a dive into this collection and see what it's all about, shall we?

MAC Alluring Aquatics Collection
The MAC Alluring Aquatics Collection launched May 15th and let me tell you, it was insane. I ended up catching the Nordstrom launch and stayed up all night just for it to release at 6:30AM. Hmph! The collection includes five lipsticks, five lipglasses, two eye pencils, two lip pencils, five eyeshadows, two blushes, a MSF bronzer, three nail polishes and two brushes. 

 Enchanted One is described as a mid-tone neutral pink with a matte finish. 
I was so on the fence on this lipstick that I almost didn't buy it at first. It looked amazing in swatches but the majority of the ones I saw, were on tanner skintones. So how does it look on my NC20 skin? Well, brown. Like a brown/peach-toned nude but was incredibly smooth on the lips was not drying at all which really surprised me since it's a matte. I'm actually not bummed I bought this though. It's definitely different from most swatches but the "brown-peach nude" color is pretty flattering!

Goddess of the Sea is described as a dark, vibrant violet with a Cremesheen finish.
I would describe it as a purple-y berry. It applied on the lips nice and smooth but I did notice that when I rubbed my lips together, it made some of the product move to the outer parts of my lips. The finish is super natural and not very opaque. This didn't feather on my lips and wear time was about four hours. Because it's not insanely pigmented, I think this would look amazing on just about any skintone.

Modern Lure is described as a deep violet with pink pearl.
I'd say it's more of a dark berry with pink sparkles in it. SO gorgeous! I only have one other lipglass to compare consistency with (MAC Florabundance) and it was basically the same - slightly thick to apply but feels like nothing on the lips but slightly sticky. This did settle into my lip lines as well as bleed out a little so I recommend wearing this over something for the best effect and to keep it in the lines.

Swatches: Enchanted One, Goddess of the Sea and Modern Lure

MAC Enchanted One

MAC Goddess of the Sea

MAC Modern Lure

Overall: I'm pretty pleased with the lip products from the Alluring Aquatics Collection! It's always hard to see how something is going to look on you when the swatches are from a different skintone but no regrets on this my purchases from this collection and bring on the MAC Kelly x Sharon Collection! :)