Thursday, June 19, 2014
Ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes on one of the most adorable things you will see today: Freshly Picked Camo Moccasins! I squee every time I look at them. 

Freshly Picked started out in 2009 when the lovely Susan Petersen was super frustrated with crappy-made shoes for little babes. Susan started hand-making her own little moccasins, testing them out on her son, Gus. Since then the moccasins have gone through six different design changes, until she perfected them to be adorable and stay on babies' feet. To further fund her business, she would take old windows from her brother's window installation business, bang out the glass and take the aluminum window frames to cash them in. Um, screw Drake, Susan started from the bottom and now she's here! Her moccasins have graced the pages of Parenting Magazine, US Weekly, People (just to name a few) and have even been spotted on the Kardashian babies' feet.

Freshly Picked has also been featured on Shark Tank and has recently expanded to absolutely gorgeous leather bags (totally saving my pennies to buy one as a diaper bag!) as well as suede and leather moccasins in about every color of the rainbow.

The camo moccasins are part of Freshly Picked's Signature Collection and are 100% genuine suede. They arrive in an adorable linen drawstring with "Freshly Picked" screenprinted on it which you all know I died over because I'm such a sucker for cute packaging. Freshly Picked prides themselves on having moccasins that are easy to put on (and keep on!) with a stretchy elastic band sewn inside for easy slip on. The moccasins themselves are incredibly soft as well as the soles of them so I don't have to worry about irritation from a rough spot constantly rubbing on my baby's foot. Nothing's worse than little baby blisters :( The little sewn details are enough to make you want to save these once the baby grows and put them in a glass case.

If you're not sure what size your babe is/will be Freshly Picked has a handy-dandy chart that you can print out and match up to your babies foot. I got a size one just because I don't have the baby here just yet and obviously have no clue what size he'll be so I kind of guessed. Plus, that was the smallest size. Suede does run about half a size bigger than leather so I think I'll be set for a little while. Sizes run from 1-10.

Unfortunately Baby XO isn't here yet to try these on for a full review (2 1/2 more months!) but I will definitely review these again once he's born. My first honest impression from these is that they're absolutely adorable. I mean, let's be honest but they're also super soft, stretchy and incredibly well-made which makes this mommy-to-be incredibly happy :)

Availability: Buy | Price: $45-60

* Be on the look out for a Freshly Picked Moccasins Giveaway on July 1st!