Thursday, June 26, 2014
It's Ipsy glam bag time! Every single time my Ipsy bag comes, I want to sing that Blue's Clues mail time song!

You're welcome.

This month's theme is: Pretty In ParadiseWarm white sandy beaches or a cafe under a star filled night sky, being pretty in YOUR paradise is only a Glam Bag away. 

The Bag: It's freakin' Rebecca Minkoff! If that doesn't get you all giddy, I don't know what will. The print is super cute and right on for summer time with pineapples and flower print. Material is nylon-like and kind of feels like umbrella material. As always, a huge fan of the front zipper!

NXY Butter Gloss in Eclair
I was just eyeing this Butter Gloss telling myself I need it and then it shows up in my Ipsy bag! I would describe the shade Eclair as a blue-toned pink gloss. It's somewhat of a thicker consistency but it's not annoying. I'm also super surprised by how pigmented this is. You can totally rock this on its own! Now that I've tried one, I want them all!

Ofra Universal Eyebrow Pencil 
I feel like this one was a miss for me, but with good intentions. The Ofra Universal Eyebrow Pencil is made with beeswax so once it's on, it's on. I think it was a miss because even though it's supposed to be universal and looks like it would match my hair color, to me, it's really dark. I have no clue how blondes would be able to use this. I prefer to go a shade or two lighter for my eyebrows and this was just too dark.

Carol's Daughter Sacred Tiare Anti-Breakage & Anti-Frizz Styling Cream
Basically, this is a blow dry cream that you put on through your damp hair, blow dry and style. I have yet to try this but I'm pretty excited! I'm all for anti-frizz and anti-breakage. This contains no artificial dyes, mineral oils, petroleum nor parabens. Also, it kind of smells like the beach!

Realtree for Her
I was slightly confused when I saw this because I know the brand Realtree is known for camo prints and hunting - not perfume! The scent is described on the site as "opens up with pomegranate, persimmon and orchids. It blends with lotus blossom, champaca flower, amber, violets and mahogany wood". This, to me, smells exactly like Pink Sugar!

Nicka K New York Shimmer Eyeliner in Blue
Another product that could've been a huge hit but was a miss for me! This eyeliner shade is of the most gorgeous oceanic blue. It would've been perfect for mermaid looks! Unfortunately, the brush was way too stiff to work with and once applied and removed, the eyeliner stained like crazy! Sadddddd.

Overall: This bag was alright. It didn't make me freak out over it, but I'm not ready to cancel my Ipsy subscription either. The two biggest duds were the Nicka K Shimmer Eyeliner and the Ofra Univeral Eyebrow Pencil. The color itself was gorgeous, but brush and the left over stain made me never want to use the eyeliner again. The eyebrow pencil is a little too dark for my taste although I might be able to work with it with a light hand. It also bothers me that it's supposed to be "universal" but would never work with any hair colors that are light. My faves were definitely the NYX Butter Gloss and the Realtree perfume. 

Swatches: NYX Butter Gloss in Eclair, Ofra Eye Pencil, Nicka K NY Eyeliner 

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