Thursday, May 21, 2015
Hey kittens! This is the fastest post ever typed because I wanted to share these highlighters with you AND because if you buy them right meow (the promo ends 5/25), you get a free limited edition "Birthday Girl" eyeshadow in honor of ColourPop's 1st birthday! Whoop, whoop, par-tay!

Okay. Onto the highlighters. I had my pale-skinned mamas in mind when I picked out these four shades. Let's be honest, I practiced some serious self-control with these. I have my eye on "Hippo" and "Monster" next! 

(L-R: Stole The Show, Spoon, Lunch Money, Wisp)
(L-R: Lunch Money, Wisp, Spoon, Stole The Show)
Before I get into each highlighter individually, I just want to let y'all know that yes, these do have that unique smooth, almost mousse-like consistency like the Super Shock Cheeks and eyeshadows. The only "issue" I have with these is that they don't "set" like the blushes or shadows. Kind of weird to explain. It's almost like they just sit on top of the skin, instead of really attaching to it. Ugh. Hope that makes sense to you guys. Besides that, they're amazingggg and I suggest you go out and buy every single one. Just sayin'. I feel that because of this formula, all the highlighters are extremely opaque and gorgeous.

  • Lunch Money - a soft light gold with reflective golden duochrome finish. Ooooh, girl. Sa-woon! 
  • Wisp - a golden champagne with reflective golden duochrome hues. At first, I was so, so disappointed in this shade on pale skin. As you can see in the above swatch, it's definitely darker than the rest and I didn't think it would work - but it does! By some magic, it seems to look way better and lighter on the face then on my paper-white arm. I also heard that this is a 100% dupe for BECCA's Opal Highlighter.
  • Spoon - a light silver champagne with multi-dimensional silver flecks. I'm not a huge fan of glitter in my highlighter but this wins my whole entire life even with the flecks. 
  • Stole The Show - a light cool-toned gold with luminous flashes of pink, silver and gold. I mean, c'mon. Probably my favorite of the bunch. How gorgeous is this? This one is perfect if you are very fair but it also works for I would say up to lightly tanned skin. Anything darker, I think this might come across a little frosty.
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