Thursday, May 21, 2015
Hello my little babes. theBalm always holds a special place in my heart. For one, they made the Mary-Lou Manizer and I will be forever grateful for that. Secondly, they have some really cute tongue-in-cheek-packaged palettes (I see you Nude Dude Palettes - meowwwww!) and lastly, I mean, the packaging in general, y'all. It's got a fun vintage feel that I'm in love with. I have a few (see what I did there?) products to review so let's get to it and check 'em out.

Nude Dude Vol. 2 Palette ($36) - This palette is the latest addition to the nude series but with 12 triple-milled shades ranging from shimmer to satin to matte, this palette is anything but. While it has six shades that fall into the typical nude category, the remaining six really make this a fun palette with a little somethin' somethin' for everyone. It has all the makes for a natural eye and a smokey eye, all in one. Along with the palette, it comes with a dual-ended brush and a large mirror inside (yes!). What I really love is that you can add water to these shadows to either make them more pigmented or even use as a liner!

(Lid: Fearless | Inner Corner: Fabulous | Outer V: Fine | Crease: Flawless | Lower Lid: Fit & Friendly)

Mary-Lou Manizer ($20) - The fan favorite! If you haven't met Mary-Lou yet, let me introduce you to this bish! She's about to be your new ride-or-die. Mary-Lou is a beautiful, finely-milled, soft champagne highlight that plays with the light around you to reflect off of and give you a natural glow. The only con to this highlighter is that it plays camera-shy but in person, looks absolutely stunning on just about any skintone.

Frat Boy Blush ($20) - Oooh girl. Package up the natural flush you get when that cute guy/girl looks your way and that is Frat Boy! I would describe it as a light pinky-peach and amazing! Soft, opaque and subtle but can be built up to be more bold.

Mary Lou-Manizer | Frat Boy Blush

(Cheeks: Mary Lou-Manizer + Frat Boy Blush)

Read My Lips Lipglosses ($15) - These lipglosses are fortified with Ginseng for "stimulation". They also come in 11 different shades ranging from opaque to shimmer.
  • Bam! - a dusty peony gloss. Definitely the most opaque of the three glosses I got to try out. The color is so pretty and flattering. It definitely had the slickness of a gloss but without the stickiness of one. I was surprised by how opaque the gloss was as well. Wear time was about three hours.
  • Zaap! - a shimmery pink-tinted gloss. I would describe this one as the "glossiest" of the bunch. Very lightly opaque, giving just a hint of color but packed with shimmer.
  • Snap! - a nude beige gloss. Um, yeah, hi. My absolute favorite of the bunch! So on trend with the brown-undertoned beige shade everyone is rockin'. Super opaque for a gloss. Only downside was I noticed it gathered in the lines of my lips after about an hour. Whomp, whomp.
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